Apr 132011

I realized the other day that I had not posted anything in ages. I went to write something, and realized that I had nothing to say.


Sadly, I have put my dating life on the extreme back burner lately.  After Mr. Crazy Drinking Cheers guy from NYE, I wasn’t all that interested anyway.


And in case you all think I’m making mountains out of molehills about how weird that guy was.. Let me tell you what happens any time my friends mention NYE..


“Oh, you remember NYE… ”

Their eyes get deer in the headlights huge. They start to laugh.

“Oh yeah.. there was that guy! OMG that guy!”

Then everyone laughs.


He’s literally notorious around my friends as “That crazy guy from NYE.” They still talk about him.


Anyway, the last few months have been very difficult. Financially anyway. Which in turn makes life itself stressful.  Every month I’d pay rent and hope like hell I’d make enough in my freelance job to pay the next month’s rent.


My CC’s were all nearly maxed out.


I needed to find a good paying gig.


Add to it, my lease was up the end of this month and the apartment manager wouldn’t let me renew my lease. So there’s moving costs plus trying to come up with rent (lets not even mention trying to prove to a new landlord my ability to pay rent).


I was very closely looking homelessness in the face. Depression came. I did my best to hide it, but there’s no point in dating as who wants to date a woman who might be homeless in a month?


I was freaking out, and wondering if life might be simpler if I was dead.  Fortunately I am a great procrastinator.  (Seriously, if I ever turn up dead and it looks like suicide, I guarantee you that 1. I must have been on mind altering drugs to combat my deep seated procrastination. or 2. I accidentally tripped and fell on the knife that killed me, or fell and swallowed whatever poisoned me – I am extremely talented like that)


Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, I am in the depths of darkness and resigning myself to homelessness, but trying to figure out how I am going to take care of my dog.  Me homeless, I can find couches to crash on. My dog however, is another story.


I didn’t want to write by the way. As I said before, I had nothing to say. No one really wants to hear me whine endlessly about my current poverty and hardtimes. It’s not that interesting. (Another reason I knew I shouldn’t date.)


Ok, back to 3 weeks ago.. depths of despair and all that.. I get a phone call.



“Hi, is this Maruska Morena?”

“Uh, yes?”

“Hi Maruska! This is Shannon from ABC Company. How are you today?”

“Umm, I’m good I think. Is something wrong with my account?”

-She laughs- “No no, I was just calling because we’re hiring, and we find hiring our clients often make the best employees. Are you looking for work?”


I tell you I couldn’t say “YES” fast enough. I was thinking WTF and thanking the dear heavens that this potential opportunity arose… and awaiting the shoe dropping “I’m sorry we don’t have a position for you.”


She starts asking me questions about my experience with their products.


Have I done this?

Have I tried that?

Do I have any experience with this other stuff?

Do I know how to use WordPress?







She tells me about the position, and about how the company works, and the benefits of working there.


“So would you like the job?”



“When can you start work?”


I was bowled over.  Oddly enough the next day, I got a similar call from a recruiter for a similar position with another company (horrid hours though). The day after that another interview invite for a job I would never want, but hey desperate people do desperate things.


Anyway, with a job in hand, the last few weeks I’ve been busy packing and apartment hunting and working two jobs (the real job and my freelance stuff).. which left little time to blog.


This tuesday, I managed to find an apartment that I can afford (actually cheaper than what I’m paying now) which isn’t in slumlord-alley or My-mammas-a-crack-ho-ville.  It’s actually pretty nice. Nice enough that I can invite people over without being ashamed of my poor-ness. (One of my friends just rented a house that costs 3 times per month what my apartment does.)


My lack of freetime for blogging is not going to get much better very soon though. I’m still not entirely packed, and I plan to be moving in a week or two. Then there will be the unpacking and getting situated.

Tee Hee Magnet Balls


As such, you may not hear much from me until Mid-May.  Hopefully not that long, but we’ll see how things go.


Sorry to leave you all hanging, but I promise when I come back that I’ll start dating again.  So more fun stories for you! 🙂


Dec 222010

I’m going to geek out here. It relates to dating. Kinda. But then what doesn’t?

Mostly this relates to my productivity or lack there of.  Earlier this year, my main computer died. It was a MAC mini that my ex made me buy, aka bought for me.

It’s not completely dead.. but hovering around there so close that I can’t do any work on it. It’s so old that it has an 80 gb HD. Since I never actually store anything on my computer (a lesson I learned quickly from using PC’s which died on me endlessly requiring formatting, thus the loss of all my data) the size of the HD never mattered, but it does tell you how old the damn thing is.

So I was left with my psychotic laptop. I’ve always had psychotic laptops. Mostly hand-me-downs from my ex, but worked well for accessing a couple webpages, chatting on IM, or watching DVD’s, which was all I ever really used it for. So having a little psychosis to deal with wasn’t a big deal, until I actually needed to do work.

And work was exactly what I needed to do. I needed to write stuff, create stuff, make an actual real resume with spell check and functions. I needed to be able to run 10 pages at once for research, and toggle between the 10 at ease while I wrote up a research document.

I needed to be able to access my calendar, move documents to my phone with ease, access pictures, access anything..

Now while my psychotic laptop isn’t that old, it is psychotic. Most of the issue is with the trackpad. If you touch the keyboard in the right place, rest your wrists on the wrong place, or simply touch it with less than extremely reverent moves.. you can lose your entire work, close a page you didn’t mean to, or end up 4 websites away from the one you were looking at.

Which most of that is recoverable.. but it takes time, its frustrating, and distracts you from actually doing what you were doing.  While I’ve not been technically diagnosed with ADD, I guarantee you I have it. Distractions are not what I need.

The last straw was that the damn laptop had gotten some kind of virus. I don’t know what, or where, or how to locate it. McAfee seems to think it’s fine and dandy and there’s no problem. But when the psychotic laptop leaps whole heartedly into schizophrenic, you know there’s a problem.

Oh and don’t get me started on the whole having to restart the damn thing all the time.

Yes, I got spoiled with my MAC.

So it’s getting near the time of bill paying, and I realize that I’m going to have to log in to my bank via my diseased laptop, and I’m wondering about the risks of that. (The laptop did not come with format disks, and I don’t have an extra copy of Window’s lying around)

So I start tossing around the idea in my head of getting a new MAC. I can’t afford it, but I do have functioning credit cards. Do I? Should I?

I decide to shop around. I look. Tease myself with Apple’s store. Pretend to build my own MAC just special for me. Drool. Think about it some more.

Then yesterday I went to the Apple Store, to touch and feel and make sure of which one I wanted so I could drool better while pretending to shop online. It was swamped with people, but I managed to try out a few of the MACs.

“This one is way too small”

“Oh this was is way too big”

“Oh, this one is just right!”

Then comes along the sales-geek. Hot sales geek. Cute. Sweet. Single. (No really we talked about dating… no no not each other, but you know.. the dating life.)

He tells me that Apple is having a sale and I can get my MacBook Pro for $200 off. But that wasn’t all.. there was discounts on everything.

Apple.. Apple having a… SALE????

Yeah, it didn’t take me long. Hello Credit Card.

I brought it home and stared at the unopened package, hoping that I’d be smart and return it.  I was waiting for buyers remorse to kick in.

Nope, I still wanted it. So I thought, well I might as well try it out. Worst case, I have to pay $150 restocking fee.

I opened it, turned it on, and began to check my sites, and do some fun stuff. Not even work stuff, but fun stuff.

I almost started crying. It was working. I mean it really was doing what I told it to.. no arguments.. no thinking about it for minutes.. no backtalk. I managed to get done, even with entering passwords in from scratch to each site, I managed to get everything I needed done in 1/3 the time that it would have taken me on my old laptop.. without any frustration.

It felt like heaven. It still does today, even though I don’t have half of my files transferred over yet or anything. I’ve managed to do more work today on it, than I have in weeks.  I can access all my emails quickly again. My calendars are all in one place again. Life is easy, simple, and breathable again.

I guess I’m not returning the laptop. I’ll find a way to pay for it, even if I have to start working the street corner.

You can have my MacBook, when you pry it out of my cold dead hands.