Jul 302010

Ok.. so I go to this gathering of the geek squad. Well it wasn’t exactly for the geek squad.. I mean it wasn’t for people who work for Best Buy or anything.. cuz I don’t, and honestly most of the people in attendance were way over qualified to be of that kind of geek squad.

Evie had invited to me to it a week or so ago, but I’d already planned on going. It’s wierd getting geeky invitations from her because for all intents and purposes she’s not a geek. She’s not even introverted. She’s an extroverted .. sex addict.. ok maybe not a sex addict.. man addict who just happens to be semi-geek-literate, and a text-fiend. She normally does not run in my geek circles.

That said, she does often do her best to snag each and every geeky man that comes across our mutual paths. She does not usually play fair and entices them with a very open and raw sexuality that well… is like a bilboard for “I’m open for sex”.

As such, I kinda dread her being around when I’m networking or meeting potentially single men, because the only way to get a guy’s attention away from her is to out-sex her or play on his prudishness.. which most geeks have no prudishness, and its nearly impossible to out “sex” her without laying on the table naked begging them to do you. Whatever you do, she’ll do it bigger.

While none of you are under the impression that I’m innocent.. I am not one to out and out sell myself as a whore. (Sorry guys)

So anyway, I was dreading going and having to deal with her, but when I got there.. There she was sitting outside of the group.

I greeted my friends that were there, then went to say hi to her. She immediately started in on the group. Calling them nerds and saying that they were useless.  She complained like she’d expected there to be some Adonis there, and instead was surrounded by Hobbits.

“Sorry, these are my people.” I said to her, trying to imply that she was insulting me. Cuz she was. I didn’t even try to defend my geeky pals, because they needed no defense. She did. (Btw she has no room to name call any of them, as she’s dated some way ugly and geeky guys.. seriously, people I wouldn’t even think to touch.)

Mostly I think she was just upset because she’s used to being the “girl of the party” and myself being “the wallflower”.  At this group though, 80% of the people know me, and if not like me, they at least respect me. They’re not readily tricked by slutty girls, plus most of them are married. They’re much more interested in your brain and if you can manage witty banter.  So while she sat unattended, I flitted around the party saying hi and catching up.

I met one of the guys I’ve been flirting with online.. He didn’t know it was me, and seemed less than interested to even stick around long enough to find out. So really less than interested. Which is fine, to each their own.

I did however meet a very hot and sexy German/Dutch/Something Dude. Accent. Geeky. Hot. And he was socially capable.. Should be illegal. I’ll be stalking him to find out if he’s married. We didn’t get a chance to talk much. (Hot Foriegn guys seem to attract all the females.)

What shocked me the most… I’d been running into this other guy for months now. Actually, I think he was one of the guys in a post a while back. I never knew for sure if he was single or not.. and in the last networking party, he seemed to be married or at the very least in a long-term relationship, so I’d written him off.

Turns out this hottie is in an open relationship. SOOOOOO tempting. I’m just not sure I could do it.. but I do know that the sex would be HOT.  He touched my arm while we were talking and little bolts went up my arm. Mmmmm

He’s also smart.. has great eyes.. and gazes into yours when you talk to him, and generally ignores everyone else. So good for the ego to feel like the center of someone’s concentration now and then.

(PS – David didn’t show like he’d RSVP’d that he would. Oh well..)

Jul 292010

(umm I like forgot to post this)

I may or may not look like a bright red cherry right now.

Thus is the sign of a good 4th of July. Isn’t it?

I’m actually sitting here naked (save for my panties) because clothes kinda hurt and I’m hot. — My dog also thinks its hot, so it might not be just cuz I’m burnt. —

I’ve been working too much this last week, and too much networking, and too much of everything busy but not necessarily relaxing.. I left today pretty open to doing just that.

I could have driven down to BFE South Austin to celebrate a friend’s birthday. A friend that I’ve seen and talked to once in the last year. His friends are the psychotic Meg (who was rumored to be attending) and various other women of which I find clicky and annoying. So while it would have been good to see my friend, the event would most likely be boring at best or pushing me toward homicide at worst.

Then there was this free gathering at my apartment complex promising free food and fun at the pool side.

The pool side is actually closer to me than my car. So you can guess to which one I went.

Me and a bunch of girls – VS – the unknown in my backyard.

As most of you know by now, I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to meeting new people in strange places. Especially people who I have to be at least on decent behavior with.. aka make a decent first impression. But I went anyway, crossing my fingers that the organizers were outgoing people who knew how to work a party.

So I go. I walk in and I can’t tell who lives here and who is organizing, but there’s this one girl and her friend that wave me down.

“Hi I’m Sarah, this is Jen” Sarah was a dainty friendly girl, but as it turned out did not live in my complex. Jen however did.

Jen was nice and pointed out that she was the organizer. Her and her husband who she briefly pointed out, but did not introduce me to. She also pointed out some girls sunbathing saying they were friends of hers.

Introductions to anyone else was not forthcoming. Obviously I was supposed to only talk to the girls, and no real effort to even introduce me to them. Yay me.

Sarah made an excuse and left the party, and I made an excuse to go get my towel from my apartment, and left. Went home, grabbed some good food, and then went back.

The party was still well underway, but still the same people. I tried to sunbathe but felt weird. Then I saw that some new people had entered, and so I went to go join the conversation. I stood on the outskirts of the conversation waiting for a way to get a word in or introduce myself… also waiting for the introduction. There was none, and the organizer barely acknowledged that I’d returned.

These people are not good at hosting.

So since there was still about 6 men at the party, I decided to stay a little bit and sat near the entrance and watched them rough house with the few kids that were there. It was kinda cute actually. Ok maybe it was kinda hot.. watching these sexy men play with little kids. (ok that sounds all sorts of wrong.. but nothing more adorable than a sexy guy being fatherly)

That was when one of them noticed me. He was very good looking. Very nice, and very social. He should have been the host.

As it was, he told me the story of nearly everyone there. Which girl belonged with which guy. If they were married, and who their kids were. (this is how you host.. idiots!)

He belonged to no one there, and acted single… aka was flirting with me. He introduced me to the people he knew. Evidently they were all part of a band. He was the drummer.

At first I was thinking… OH no.. enduring drumming practice sessions .. ugh.. but then I thought. HEY.. that means he’s got rhythm. *big evil grin*

He made sure he knew my name, and made sure to pronounce it properly.. asking me several times exactly how I pronounce it.


He’d repeat it. “Maruska. So its not “Meriska”?”

Honestly, so many people over the years have f’d up my name that I honestly don’t care. (My best friend cares btw, and she will correct you.) If its got a “M” and a “KA” in it, I’ll answer.

“Its Maruska, but thats fine.. I answer to it all.” I try to joke, but he looks at me serious.

“I want to get it right. Maruska?”

“Yes thats correct.” I smile.

We end up talking a long time. Just the two of us with no one else.

As I left the party, he repeated my email address to me. He’d done this several times throughout our conversation.

He added me to his Facebook a few days later.