Nov 072011

So it was day two of the long phone calls, and it didn’t start out pretty.  I have no idea why I was so tired but I was. I was tired, bitchy, and impatient.


The conversation was fine.. good for the most part.. but he kept setting off “red flags” … well not red flags really. It wasn’t like suddenly red flags were appearing out of nowhere and I was wading through sea of them.


It was more like the reality of who he is and what kind of person he was, finally hit me.


We talked a bit about music. Or should I say he talked. More often than not he talked in a way that was.. well… condescending or as if I couldn’t possibly have any idea what he was talking about.  Often he talked over me or wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise.


This did not go over well.


It didn’t help any that the minute I mentioned I was attempting to write a book,… ok not “The Minute” but after the initial “That’s great”… he asked..


“Are you ready in the event that your book is a success?”


Seriously?? Like wtf kind of question is that? He then went on a tirade about how he’d done a tone of research on writing books and authors and what not, and how I needed to have all this legal stuff done, and agreements, and to watch out for shady book deals..  and suddenly..


Sails – wind = writers block. (as much as what he said may be true, it’s hardly his business at this point to shove his nose in let alone go on a tirade where I can’t get a word in.)


And.. as much as I like the idea that he’s not greedy, he’s a helper personality, and he’s ethical.. I don’t get the idea that he really gets that owning his own business, insurance, taxes and whatnot.. that what he’s currently charging isn’t really going to make ends meet unless he does work 10 hours a day 7 days a week, which he can’t do because he also needs to be out there doing sales and setting up appointments. He’s a one man business, and at his current prices he can’t even afford to hire anyone to help him with it.


This also set into motion a discussion of tech. I’ve mentioned before that he’s not tech savvy. He’s really really not tech savvy and absolutely has NO interest in technology. So much so that he’s pretty adverse to it.


He says he doesn’t judge people who use it or whatever, but I can’t imagine that he grasps the basic concepts of me (technophile). He doesn’t get email. I don’t even know if he has an email address as he has no way to check it. He has a website for his business that he hired someone to make, but I don’t think he’s actually seen it. He has no concept of social media, and is so adverse to being on it himself that he won’t even let me make a company page for him (for free) and maintain it (he wouldn’t even entertain the notion).


I even had to explain Hulu to him. Thank God that he knew what a DVR was, or I think I’d have just hung up right there. (I really try not to be a tech snob, but I really am I think.)


Other than singing and writing.. and even that I’m not sure about the singing thing.. we don’t have a damn thing in common.


Our family backgrounds… while both Christian-esque… thats as close to “in common” we get there. I’m from a “Leave it to Beaver” family compared to his.


I’ve had to explain several words to him, and yes English is his first language.


Then there’s the big secret thing that he won’t tell me about yet. He promises he will someday.


The conversation just didn’t really go well, and I’m starting to think that “friends” is all we’ll be.


He’s a nice guy and seems to be a very hard worker, and I think he’d probably make a good dad someday.


I’m just slowly coming to the realization that there’s a reason I don’t go for guys like him… I just haven’t quite put my finger on it yet.

Nov 102010

Geek FixLast night I went to this geek meeting. It was for audio-visual web geeks, and while its not my forte I figured I could learn something… because its not my forte.

Also a guy from one of my other regular geek meetings hosts the group and has been inviting me to go to this group for ages now. I figured I’d give it a shot.

I arrive late as usual. I planned on getting there on time, but last minute someone asked me something important online and I lost track of time.

I arrive just as this other guy is arriving. He looks ubergeeky. You know the kind that dresses all in black, because its easier than trying to match colors. You look at him and you’re pretty sure he was either drunk or high, maybe both, the night before and probably the night before that and the night before that. You’re also pretty sure if you mention any kind of computer issue that he can not only diagnose the problem, but probably also has a spare part or replacement software in his apartment.

I thought to myself.. This is going to be a good group!

Due to our impeccable timing, we walk in together. Turns out it was both of our first times in the group, which our simultaneously late arrival made it look like we arrived together. I took one look at the other people there and figured if they thought we’d arrived together it was a compliment.

First, there was a host. Honestly, I can’t say anything bad about him. He’s like a grandpa; sweet, well-meaning, and simply just excited that people showed up.

Then there was another ubergeek. Unlike the guy I walked in with, this ubergeek bore the scent of someone who still lives with his mother. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but interested I wasn’t so if he thought I was with someone it didn’t bother me.

Next was… Hmm how do I describe him? Oh yes, let me make him a name tag. “I’m newly divorced after having been married for 20 yrs, and all the life has been sucked out of me. I’m now starting a business and know nothing about what this web stuff is. Can you help me?”

There was an even later show, a girl. She talked like she was 23 and just out of college, but she had a few wrinkles that made me think she was in her 40’s. Her hair was in partial dreadlocks and partial bedhead with streaks of bright blue dye. I thought about looking for track marks, but she had on long sleeves.

Then there was the piece de resistance!  A business woman. Not an Austin business woman, which would look more like the aforementioned girl, but a serious serious business woman. She wore a suit in forest green that called for the 80’s back, and had an attitude of money grubbing.  I’d met her once before and didn’t have a good impression. This meeting though cemented her in the category of “Avoid at all costs”.

She was obviously not a geek. The entire meeting any time we’d get a good conversation going about anything geeky and interesting, she’d interrupt and start talking about business, business needs, marketing, and money.

Funny enough, as most men do with strong opinionated women, the men tried to politely assuage her concerns without actually making their point clear. I know she wasn’t getting the point because she’d then expound on her topic which most of the rest of us could care less about.

I however have no qualms about opinionated women. I grew up in a household of opinionated women, and I wasn’t about to be bulldozed or let another promising geek group be ruined. So every time she’d open her mouth, I’d politely disagree with her. It didn’t take long for the guys to side with me.

Dear business women, if you want to learn marketing, business marketing for online, online video marketing.. please go to a damn marketing meeting. There are tons of them in town. I know because I’m an attendee of most of them. But don’t you be screwing with my geek learning groups, I will hunt you down. Sincerely, Maruska

The woman had alienated the geeks of the group. I feel pretty safe in saying that she will lose this war.

On the way out, I got to talk with the geek with which I’d arrived. He gave me kudos for speaking my mind. He’s actually pretty cute, though he reminds me too much of my college years.

We talked for quite a while. Funny thing, he talked initially about comic books. He said he’d hoped this group would be more about having a few drinks, talking digital A/V and comics. He too was looking for a good geek group.

We exchanged numbers, and he wants to do coffee sometime. I could use a good geek fix. 🙂

Jul 302010

Ok.. so I go to this gathering of the geek squad. Well it wasn’t exactly for the geek squad.. I mean it wasn’t for people who work for Best Buy or anything.. cuz I don’t, and honestly most of the people in attendance were way over qualified to be of that kind of geek squad.

Evie had invited to me to it a week or so ago, but I’d already planned on going. It’s wierd getting geeky invitations from her because for all intents and purposes she’s not a geek. She’s not even introverted. She’s an extroverted .. sex addict.. ok maybe not a sex addict.. man addict who just happens to be semi-geek-literate, and a text-fiend. She normally does not run in my geek circles.

That said, she does often do her best to snag each and every geeky man that comes across our mutual paths. She does not usually play fair and entices them with a very open and raw sexuality that well… is like a bilboard for “I’m open for sex”.

As such, I kinda dread her being around when I’m networking or meeting potentially single men, because the only way to get a guy’s attention away from her is to out-sex her or play on his prudishness.. which most geeks have no prudishness, and its nearly impossible to out “sex” her without laying on the table naked begging them to do you. Whatever you do, she’ll do it bigger.

While none of you are under the impression that I’m innocent.. I am not one to out and out sell myself as a whore. (Sorry guys)

So anyway, I was dreading going and having to deal with her, but when I got there.. There she was sitting outside of the group.

I greeted my friends that were there, then went to say hi to her. She immediately started in on the group. Calling them nerds and saying that they were useless.  She complained like she’d expected there to be some Adonis there, and instead was surrounded by Hobbits.

“Sorry, these are my people.” I said to her, trying to imply that she was insulting me. Cuz she was. I didn’t even try to defend my geeky pals, because they needed no defense. She did. (Btw she has no room to name call any of them, as she’s dated some way ugly and geeky guys.. seriously, people I wouldn’t even think to touch.)

Mostly I think she was just upset because she’s used to being the “girl of the party” and myself being “the wallflower”.  At this group though, 80% of the people know me, and if not like me, they at least respect me. They’re not readily tricked by slutty girls, plus most of them are married. They’re much more interested in your brain and if you can manage witty banter.  So while she sat unattended, I flitted around the party saying hi and catching up.

I met one of the guys I’ve been flirting with online.. He didn’t know it was me, and seemed less than interested to even stick around long enough to find out. So really less than interested. Which is fine, to each their own.

I did however meet a very hot and sexy German/Dutch/Something Dude. Accent. Geeky. Hot. And he was socially capable.. Should be illegal. I’ll be stalking him to find out if he’s married. We didn’t get a chance to talk much. (Hot Foriegn guys seem to attract all the females.)

What shocked me the most… I’d been running into this other guy for months now. Actually, I think he was one of the guys in a post a while back. I never knew for sure if he was single or not.. and in the last networking party, he seemed to be married or at the very least in a long-term relationship, so I’d written him off.

Turns out this hottie is in an open relationship. SOOOOOO tempting. I’m just not sure I could do it.. but I do know that the sex would be HOT.  He touched my arm while we were talking and little bolts went up my arm. Mmmmm

He’s also smart.. has great eyes.. and gazes into yours when you talk to him, and generally ignores everyone else. So good for the ego to feel like the center of someone’s concentration now and then.

(PS – David didn’t show like he’d RSVP’d that he would. Oh well..)