Apr 212012

Today I met a very hot man. Had I met him in any other venue, I’d have not realized that he was hot. You see, I’d have written him off for several reasons.


1. He’s my height or slightly shorter.

2. He drives a muscle car.

3. He’s quite tattooed. (Luckily not the sleeve-tattoos but still quite a few that I could see poking out from his t-shirt.)

4. He looks like he’s in an industrial metal band (or a thug).

5. He might weigh 130lbs wet.


So when I first met him at work (he’s a customer), I immediately wrote him off as simply a customer. I was nice and polite and helping him out.


Then he starts flirting with me, and showing me a side of him that… well.. you’d not assume was there.


With me, he always seemed rather timid and nervous. He kept trying to get me to laugh with a dry sense of humor which I normally like, but wasn’t quite sure if he was joking or serious at first. He seemed to revel in my embarrassment and confusion, but was very sweet and gently teasing about it.


In some ways, he reminded me of my “first crushes” in Junior High and High School. Sweet, gentle, and loving with a touch of fierceness that you were sure they’d fight to keep you safe. That edgy safety.


He was also super chivalrous opening doors for me.


After getting him set up, I asked him: “Do you want to call someone to test this out to make sure it works?”


He paused and looked nervous. “No, All my friends would want to chat or embarrass me in front of you. Then I’d embarrass myself and possibly offend you in my replies. I’d rather you not hear that.”


That open honesty (which to tell you the truth I only half believed) mixed with recognition that I was female, mixed with pride and a desire to protect.. SWOON.


We walked out to his car. A Ford Mustang (for which he was getting racing parts).


“You know this is my 6th Mustang”


I smiled. He’d said it with pride and confidence that it was awesome, but with that same nervousness that had pervaded all our conversation. I think he was trying to impress me, but since I’m not really into cars it made no difference. I pretended though that I was impressed, and he smiled.


As we finished setting up his equipment, he said “You were right earlier when you stated that there was a lot to learn with this.”


“If you have questions later, just let us know. We’ll help you figure it out.”


“Cool. Are you here like 8-5 or ?”


“Someone’s here usually from 9am till close, just give us a call and let us know when you’d be coming by.”


He laughed nervously, “But you’re not here all that time right?”


I believe I turned beet red. “No, I’m here on Monday though.”


He seemed to want to say something else, but he let it go and we parted.


I have no idea if he was really interested.. but it was good to be flirted with anyway.. and even better to be treated like a “lady”. It’s been a long time.