Jul 202010

(otherwise known as I’m stupid, and should know better)

I think I need someone to schedule my life for me. Or at least someone that I’m supposed to call to get me out of doing things.

See.. this weekend, Evie talked me into going out with her to something that I really didn’t care to go to, but since I had no other real plans and didn’t want to sit at home.. I acquiesced.

She called me while I was out and described the event as a hip new thing. It was this new bar/microbrewery/co-op kind of thing, and said we should check it out.

When she told me that it was going to be like the 512 or Live Oak or Independence Brewery things.. I said no. She insisted that it’d be fun and there would be lots of people there.

And that’s what got me. The lots of people. Meaning a possible selection of men to flirt with.. She did remind me that “Creepy Dude” was going to be there.

I told her that I didn’t like CD, and that he made my skin crawl. Honestly, some of his movements remind me of the creepy old guy (65+) who used to stalk me when I was in HS (16 yrs old.), so just being around him for more than 5 minutes leaves me highly irritable, fidgety, and wanting to run like the wind.

I figured that confession would limit her throwing the two of us together, and that we’d keep away from CD. It did not.

Instead, when I called her from my car because I couldn’t find parking and asked if it was really that important, and amazing.. she replied..

“Oh yes its awesome. CD & I are now members. Its fantastic and there’s a ton of people here. You have to come.”

So I stalked people that were leaving and followed them to their cars to steal their parking spot, and went in.

I find Evie.. and its just Evie and CD. No one else. Sure there were tons of people there but no one that she or even CD were talking to.

Then I decide to go get a beer, and CD decides to go with me. The line to get a beer is phenomenally long and after 20 minutes of waiting in line with CD, I was tossing around the idea of homicide vs suicide… because there was no escape. Once in line, you were kinda trapped in line, and CD refused to stand there in silence. He instead spent the entire 40 minutes or so of our waiting to pepper me with questions about everything, which not only had the effect of irritating the crap out of me, it also made it appear as if we were on a date.

I had to force myself to be nice back. Everyone seems to love CD. I don’t get it. I never have. Since the first I met the guy, my skin has tried to crawl off my body every time he gets within 5 feet of me. I’ve only met one other girl who also has that aversion to him. Everyone else seems to think he’s just a nice guy. So I try to be nice to him.

What I end up managing  is distant apathy with obvious attempts not to be glaringly rude. Yet the guy still does not pick up on the fact that I don’t like him. (I swear that actually scares me more.)

Anyway, so I get a beer, and by that time I’m needing one.. or many. Honestly an entire bottle of vodka would have hit the spot.

So I take a couple gulps of the beer. This is new beer to me, and since I didn’t have time to prepare ahead of time and research the brand or ingredients.. I was taking some big risks testing it (allergies) but man I wanted a drink.  It was supposed to be a wheat beer, so I figured the chances of my allergens being in it were relatively small. I figured they’d probably use trace amounts of something  in the processing, so it might affect me a little.. but not that big.

I had maybe the 1/3 of the glass, just a few ounces.. and I was feeling funky. So I gave the rest of the beer to CD, as I waited for the reaction to hit it’s peak.. aka see how bad it was.

I honestly don’t know what they used in that beer, but I can guarantee you it wasn’t just wheat. About 20 minutes later, I’m walking to my car and I’m having trouble walking. My legs aren’t working right, and I’m staggering like a drunkard. It’s taking all my concentration to remain upright. My head is spinning, and I’ve got a headache.

I get to my car and down a couple benadryl and wait. It doesn’t take long and I’m able to function again, but I’m still not in a very good mood and I’ve still got that headache.

Evie had talked me into going to karaoke at a place nearby. She said if it was boring we’d go somewhere else. She also promised to pay for me and provide me with booze. I assumed it was a bar by her description, so that’s where I was headed.

It was not a bar. It was a BYOB place. Which is fine if Texas didn’t have f’d up laws about alcohol sales, and if it wasn’t after the liquor stores had closed. So I was stuck with whatever her friends had brought.

Her friends were maybe 23 at the oldest. Evie’s nearly 30. CD is probably 45-50. So the 3 of us did not really fit in well. It was awkward, and the alcohol was all… well… college drinks. So.. it was either stuff I was allergic to (no thanks, I was already f’d up), or stuff that would give me a huge hangover. Joy!

The place was also full of snacks.. all of which I was allergic to. It was a tiny unventilated room, about the size of my bedroom, with 10 people eating and breathing on me.  I took more benadryl. I even took a prednisone.

When I got up and actually attempted to sing a song (that should have been my first clue that I was not “OK”) and nearly passed out because I couldn’t catch my breath.. I left.

The minute I walked out of the room, I could breathe again.

I will be marking that nights activities as things I will not be doing again, and I really need to permanently mark Evie down as someone I just do not have fun with. Mostly because she’s selfish and will lie or say anything to get others to do what she wants.

I spent Sunday and Monday feeling quite a lot like roadkill. The night was soooo not worth it.

Plus.. if I ever see CD again.. it will be way too soon.