Nov 112011

Here it is.. The post that will most likely plummet what remains of my readership into the abyss of nonexistence.. just like it usually does my dates.


As you all know, I love me some man brains. I may be part zombie, hard to say. I love science fiction, nerdy stuff, and geeky crap. I love hearing about new scientific discoveries and all that awesome-sauce.


I also believe in God. I know.. it’s like I’m from another planet.


I was raised Christian. My mom is a nurse. My dad was an electronics teacher/computer addict. We learned equal doses of science and religion growing up. We learned “pure science” as was believed by scientists, as well as how that fits or doesn’t with Christianity. (I’m only sorta Christian now, most churches/groups kick me out rather quickly and I think my family thinks I may be the spawn of Satan though the jury is still out on that.)


No where in there did I learn that investigating into how things work (science) was wrong.. just that some of the conclusions might be interpreted differently. Perception. Perspective.


As humans, any scientist worth their salt will admit that we have a limited cognitive ability and perception of the world around us. What is or isn’t possible is often limited by our own ability to understand, and be open to new perceptions.


This is also why.. when you’re in the middle of a project and can’t freaking find the answer that someone unknown to your project comes in and says.. “Hey what’s this do?” and fixes it. (the assholes usually then also take all the credit)


Do I believe in creation?  Yeah, pretty much. It’s really the best explanation we got. How we were created is still being investigated by scientists today. 🙂


Do I believe in evolution? Eh, probably not how you mean it. I believe we are always evolving and changing. It’s how we’re built or all life would be dead by now. If you don’t change/evolve you die. It’s pretty simple.  Do I think that everything evolved from a single organism? Not really, it’s a little too.. unbelievable for me.


Do I believe in Intelligent Design? The phrase has gotten a lot of bad rap, by crazies and wackos… you know the most vocal people in the “I’m a Christian” movement. But, yeah I do. I think it’s a little far-fetched to think that we all just happened to find a pretty awesome biological design that works not only for us, but those around us.. and those around us benefit us as well. The world is pretty damn awesome.


The key to all of it is this…


If you truly believe in God.. that “He’s” (I actually think God is asexual) all powerful, all knowing, etc.. blah blah blah…  then anything is possible, and you can’t really rule anything out.  You can make guesses and study, but you’re still probably never going to fully understand God or the universe for that matter. Our brains aren’t that big, but there’s no harm in trying.


So anyway… thats my little science soapbox, and why I get all pissy when people try to tell me that a belief in God somehow makes you inferior, or that Science and God are opposed.


Obviously, I disagree.


Obviously, your mind just isn’t able to grasp the concept of both. It’s ok. You’re human. I forgive you. 🙂

*runs and hides from all her atheist friends*