Mar 282017
Yes, I am the black widow.

It seems I might have the kiss of death. A few weeks ago, I had a cold that persisted for a while. It wasn’t that bad I thought. My throat got sore and had some chest congestion, but it wasn’t too horrid. So I thought. Then Garath got sick within 48 hours of our first kiss. He got sick enough […]

Mar 212017
I spread disease and I'm not sorry.

I’m not in love and he caught my cold. Poor thing. He says he doesn’t regret it though. So I guess there’s that. Our most recent get-together had some issues. Minor things that could become big things. We’re still seeing each other. I think. We’ll see once his cold wears off. It’s still odd to me the way he encourages […]

Mar 152017
It was good while it lasted - The Return of Darkness

Lately I’ve been embracing myself. Letting myself have things. Saying Yes. I’ve been experiencing the freedom of it and trying not to let old judgements stand in my way. I’ve been exploring and adding things to my “Bucket List” and proceeding forward with hope and excitement that I might could someday.. Hold the things I want with love and the […]

Oct 312011
The torturous times of Online Dating..

I was looking through some old emails, and it seems I emailed myself an old Yahoo Chat conversation from back in 2009?

And so I read it. It’s hilarious in a very sad sad way… and even sadder this is still how online dating is for me today.

Here is.. unedited other than name changes to protect the… weird.. the conversation:

Oct 092011
My search for coffee and the start of something more

It’s been a long time coming, and maybe I’m just wired from actually having caffeine today.

I’ve been craving coffee for a few days now. Sadly, I’ve been craving Starbucks cafe Americano, lots of sugar, and a shot of cream. However since I like to support local mom & pop shops.. and the fact that I’m too broke to even consider paying money for coffee unless I’m meeting a client or something.. I kept putting it off.

Jul 302011
Things I do for friends...

“Oh you should go to Nordstroms!”

I would rather go to the dentist, but I decide to play nice rather than tell her my big ass doesn’t fit into most Nordstroms clothes (nor can I really afford Nordstrom’s prices). I whip my head around to Snobby Bitch (who is like a size 4 btw) and give her my best “huh” or “WHAT?” face.

Jul 072010
No Need To Get High, I'm There Already

So I had this interesting conversation with a guy friend the other day, and as it turns out he might be a pothead. Once upon a time when I was just a young innocent girl (yes I know it’s hard to believe, now shhh) this revelation would have shocked me, and I’d have backed away like he said he had […]