Jul 012017
Adventures in Drinking. Also the return of Mr. TakeMe.

So I somehow managed to get drunk AND piss people off, while still having a great night. I’m still confused about it all really. But let’s start near the beginning. I woke up at 8pm. (Yes you read that right). To a FB message from George giving me a heads up that he was going out or at least thinking […]

Jun 262017
The Great Sex Withdrawal

I had a great day on Friday. I was “over” Mr. TakeMe. I could move on. I met new people. Met a great guy. On Saturday, the sex withdrawal started to hit me. It didn’t help that I had a really great makeout session the night before without sex to finish it off.  Then George started testing me his crazy, […]

Jun 222017
Gutted like a Fish.

Well.. a lot has happened since my last post. I’d messaged Mr. TakeMe on Sunday (as I wrote in my posts) asking if he wanted to be more than just sex buddies. Which is the last “defined” role we had. He replied that he liked where we were and to keep it just sex. His life was too complicated to […]

Jun 182017
This is not the Friend Zone. Please don't let this be the Friend Zone.

Saturday night (last night), .. well actually lets just start with the entire Saturday first. I woke up smelling like Jose. Instant depression. I hated myself for being with Jose. I felt like shit. I didn’t want to see anyone. I slept all day. ALL FUCKING DAY. I woke up at 8:30pm. Felt a little better about myself, but not […]

Jun 152017
Don't ask. Don't tell. A casual love story.

The other night, I was thinking about Mr TakeMe and I realized that our “relationship” is probably the best “relationship” I’ve had with a man in .. well.. since 2000?  And Mr TakeMe and I don’t really have a relationship. We are kinda friends? Mostly we just fuck. How screwed up is it that a casual fucking relationship is better […]

Jun 052017
Oral Rape Recovery.. when you accidentally go too far, and take steps back.

Mr. TakeMe and I have seen each other most nights since I last posted. He doesn’t like being alone, so we’ve had nights of just cuddling or mostly cuddling, mixed with nights of sex. I’m starting to get attached, and I’m pretty sure that is going to ruin everything. But I think he’s getting attached too. Maybe. Tonight he totally […]

May 312017
Update & Sex turns Emotional - Save yourself!

It’s been too long since I’ve updated. So here’s the skinny. George has proven to have real communication and understanding issues. I’ve decided it’s best if we don’t communicate as much as possible and probably best if we see each other out.. if we just do an acquaintance greeting and be done.  Seriously. Jose has been dealing with his divorce […]