Jun 052017
Oral Rape Recovery.. when you accidentally go too far, and take steps back.

Mr. TakeMe and I have seen each other most nights since I last posted. He doesn’t like being alone, so we’ve had nights of just cuddling or mostly cuddling, mixed with nights of sex. I’m starting to get attached, and I’m pretty sure that is going to ruin everything. But I think he’s getting attached too. Maybe. Tonight he totally […]

Apr 292017
Girls are really not my thing. Round 2 with Mr. TakeMe

O. M. G. I just got home from Round 2 with Mr. Hottest One Night Stand (see previous post from over a month ago). Let me start by saying, tonight I was supposed to be with George. I wanted to be with George. Actually as hot as OMG tonight was with Mr. TakeMe, I’d still rather it was with George. […]

Mar 292017
Single Minded - Monogamy might be a hard habit to break.

Yesterday, I had fun and yet didn’t. I met with a guy who wants to be submissive to me. He seems nice enough and on paper we seem to be a nice fit, but he’s Indian with a thick accent and I only understand about half of what he says. But we talked about things and I like the thought […]

Mar 212017
I spread disease and I'm not sorry.

I’m not in love and he caught my cold. Poor thing. He says he doesn’t regret it though. So I guess there’s that. Our most recent get-together had some issues. Minor things that could become big things. We’re still seeing each other. I think. We’ll see once his cold wears off. It’s still odd to me the way he encourages […]

Mar 112017
The Hottest One Night Stand - sort of.

Today I am recovering from one of the more confusing sexual encounters I’ve had… pretty much ever. Before I get into it, I do want to spell out that I am very much into consensual sexual acts of all sorts. Key word is consensual. And most risqué acts are discussed ahead of time to make sure both parties are into […]

Mar 012017
The Search for Mr Right is on! (or misters?)

I’ve been wondering why John and what was it all about. Because it’s obviously more than just John. It’s not like he has magical lips or a magic cock. And I think I’ve figured it out. What I got quickly with him – trust, communication, ease, safety – is what I am needing. A best male friend who wants to […]

Dec 072011
Drama Drama & Drama Magnets

Last week, I decided to un-retire my account on Collarme. I may or may not have mentioned this here. Mostly I did it out of curiosity. You know.. broaden my choices.. but mostly just to see who was still out there.

Then I saw the profile of this guy who for the most part seemed to be what I was looking for.. kinda.. except he has a girlfriend. He’s in an open relationship to so to speak, and is looking for someone on the side…

Nov 252011
BDSM Douche-bags and Dumbasses: A Conversation

As some of you .. who really read deep into my blog.. have found out, I have dabbled in BDSM. I however avoid the “lifestyle” almost like the plague as those in the main organizations (BDSM teaching schools) freak me the hell out.. mostly because many of them think there’s a “Step by step” instruction on how to do it. […]

Dec 032010
Watching Friends Take Dangerous Paths

I’m a little sad today. Flattered I guess, but sad. An ex messaged me on OkStupid. I think I may have written about him here. It would have been the first few posts or so on here if he’s mentioned. We originally met via OkStupid when he pursued me like no body’s business. He’s extremely charming and has a way […]