Mar 112017
The Hottest One Night Stand - sort of.

Today I am recovering from one of the more confusing sexual encounters I’ve had… pretty much ever. Before I get into it, I do want to spell out that I am very much into consensual sexual acts of all sorts. Key word is consensual. And most risqué acts are discussed ahead of time to make sure both parties are into […]

May 252010

I looked at the bed and smiled. I remembered how it had all happened, and felt my evil grin spread across my face. He had come home late. I had known that he would, despite his lack of phone call to warn me.  It didn’t matter as I’d already prepared the events for tonight. He just didn’t need to know […]

Mar 242009

I had been trying to be good. I’d finished all my tasks relatively on time. I’d even polished the silver, but nothing was going to completely make up for what I’d done and I knew it. The clock struck 6pm, and I knew it was a matter of moments before he walked through the door. I ran to the bathroom […]