Apr 042017
Darkness has crept back in and seems to want to stay.

I’ve been meaning to write about my time with Garath on Saturday, but I can’t seem to pull myself together. I had a bad health scare right after my last post, and I’m still not fully recovered. I did meet up with Garath though, but had it not been on the books and been forever since I’d seen him.. I’d […]

Mar 292017
Single Minded - Monogamy might be a hard habit to break.

Yesterday, I had fun and yet didn’t. I met with a guy who wants to be submissive to me. He seems nice enough and on paper we seem to be a nice fit, but he’s Indian with a thick accent and I only understand about half of what he says. But we talked about things and I like the thought […]

Mar 012017
The Search for Mr Right is on! (or misters?)

I’ve been wondering why John and what was it all about. Because it’s obviously more than just John. It’s not like he has magical lips or a magic cock. And I think I’ve figured it out. What I got quickly with him – trust, communication, ease, safety – is what I am needing. A best male friend who wants to […]

Aug 302012
When Are We Going To F***?

“So, when are we going to fuck?”

I’d barely said hello to him as he hugged me and whispered this into my ear. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, and I instinctively backed away from him ending the hug. Unsure of what exactly he meant by it, I glanced at his face for some kind of context, if he was drunk, serious, or joking around…

Feb 012012
The Cost of Porn?

But that’s not what prompted me to write today. What prompted me to write was an article that came across my Facebook feed. As with anyone on Facebook, articles come across my feed all the time and rarely does one of them even put a glimmer in my eye, yet this subject…. well I knew when I saw the title, I was going to write a post. I didn’t even need to read the article, even though I did that too.

Dec 072011
Drama Drama & Drama Magnets

Last week, I decided to un-retire my account on Collarme. I may or may not have mentioned this here. Mostly I did it out of curiosity. You know.. broaden my choices.. but mostly just to see who was still out there.

Then I saw the profile of this guy who for the most part seemed to be what I was looking for.. kinda.. except he has a girlfriend. He’s in an open relationship to so to speak, and is looking for someone on the side…

Nov 202011
He confuses me. He'd better not be gay.

I’m really confused and not sure what to make of Mr. Non-Tech.  For starters, he’s cute. He listens.. and remembers almost everything.   Maybe this is normal for dating non-tech guys?  Most guys I’ve dated have had a hard time remembering anything. They may remember one or two things but most stuff.. naw.   However, Mr Non-Tech listens like he’s […]