Jul 082017
When you really want to hate someone, but God has other plans.

Since my last post, Mr TakeMe and I have fallen out. See the very next day, Mr TakeMe got back together with his ex. This is a pattern now. Every time we get close and have a “date-like” time together and he starts to have feelings… he runs back to her. And I am done with it. However, all the […]

Jul 022017
The Official Fuckboy Setting, also met someone new.

Saturday night, I am dolled up. I’m out at the bars and just arrive at the second bar when. Mr TakeMe messages me. It’s Saturday night and I know he has his kid. He can’t leave his house. Mr TakeMe: Hi How’s your night going? Me: Lol. I’m good. How’s my fuckboy? Mr TakeMe: Yes ma’am if that’s what you […]

Jun 182017
This is not the Friend Zone. Please don't let this be the Friend Zone.

Saturday night (last night), .. well actually lets just start with the entire Saturday first. I woke up smelling like Jose. Instant depression. I hated myself for being with Jose. I felt like shit. I didn’t want to see anyone. I slept all day. ALL FUCKING DAY. I woke up at 8:30pm. Felt a little better about myself, but not […]

Jun 152017
Don't ask. Don't tell. A casual love story.

The other night, I was thinking about Mr TakeMe and I realized that our “relationship” is probably the best “relationship” I’ve had with a man in .. well.. since 2000?  And Mr TakeMe and I don’t really have a relationship. We are kinda friends? Mostly we just fuck. How screwed up is it that a casual fucking relationship is better […]

May 142017
Escaping the Dark: Falling in and out of old patterns.

I have been trying to get over George. He stuck with me in a desperate love. The kind where you can’t breathe, the air isn’t as sweet, and you feel sort of panicky and restless. Then yesterday, George broke his silence. (He tends to communicate via smoke signals on FB) He posted multiple posts on FB, which were aimed at […]

Apr 272017
Here comes the Sun. Do you like making love?

The cloud I was under finally started to lift on Tuesday. And suddenly the world didn’t seem so bad. George was amazingly being more vocal and talkative in text, which is very much not his normal. Today though, (Wednesday) George was back to his normal snarky teasing ways. -sigh- But we did manage to meet up and despite some drawbacks […]