Dec 122011
From Tomboy to Girlie Girl..

As promised.. a bit more about my girly girliness… and the discovery there of..   I wasn’t always very girly. I grew up very tomboy which wasn’t hard to do as my sister closest to me was an avid tomboy, and my best friend was a boy.   I climbed trees, made mudpies, built forts, played with blocks constructing towns […]

Oct 162011
Nostalgia or something: Life in Crisis Mode

The last few months I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul searching. Some intentional and some seemingly forced upon me by my subconscious.   As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been severely unhappy, in a constant mode of apathy. I couldn’t be bothered to dream or even consider it.   The first “searching” started a few months […]

Apr 132011
Update: Out of the Woods

I was freaking out, and wondering if life might be simpler if I was dead. Fortunately I am a great procrastinator. (Seriously, if I ever turn up dead and it looks like suicide, I guarantee you that 1. I must have been on mind altering drugs to combat my deep seated procrastination. or 2. I accidentally tripped and fell on the knife that killed me, or fell and swallowed whatever poisoned me – I am extremely talented like that)

Nov 222010
I'm already Home for the Holidays

My family has decided to have Christmas on Thanksgiving. They did this last year too, as one of my sisters always has family commitments with her husband’s side or her husband’s work. So it’s an all-in-one holiday, and as such, I’m kinda screwed. If I don’t go, I won’t get either holiday with the family.

Nov 142010
How To Hate People: 101

Step 1: Seek out or find a way in which a person has hurt you. Most times you won’t have to look too hard. Other times you may have to invent rules of conduct that the rest of society doesn’t adhere to.. For example: Anyone who looks like my ex-boyfriend and likes Lord Of The Rings to the point of having the entire DVD set, and quotes the movie is obviously a complete douchebag and deserves to be hated.