Oct 062017
Sometimes I'm funny.

Him: I’m only a “good boy” in public, And on fb Me: Hmm.. so I should carry pepper spray if we’re alone.. Got it.  Him: Ugh!!! No Me: -ordering pepper spray on amazon right now-  Him: I’m not evil Or a rapist You’re fine Me: uh huh..  Him: HEY!!! Me: So.. you wanna maybe hang out sometime […]

Mar 182017
I think I might be ... possibly ... falling in love.

We could not wait any longer. We were supposed to meet tomorrow, but he kept talking intelligent making me wet.. and he seemed to be having the same issues with me. I attempted to be nice and dissuade him since my cold isn’t quite over, but he seemed persistent. I sent him a racy photo. It was on. We met […]

Mar 152017
It's all fun and games... until someone opens their mouth.

I had every intention of having sex on this date. His online profile was good. He appeared smart and suitably feminist. His photos looked fuckable. Then I got a cold. My throat feels like I should have my tonsils removed and if I lay down my throat closes shut. Yay me. But he wanted to meet anyway. So I’m all.. […]