Jun 052017
Oral Rape Recovery.. when you accidentally go too far, and take steps back.

Mr. TakeMe and I have seen each other most nights since I last posted. He doesn’t like being alone, so we’ve had nights of just cuddling or mostly cuddling, mixed with nights of sex. I’m starting to get attached, and I’m pretty sure that is going to ruin everything. But I think he’s getting attached too. Maybe. Tonight he totally […]

Mar 242017
Shamelessly embracing my sex life.

There were plans. I had a date date. I had a backup sex date. I had backup backup possibly sex date. All poofed into thin air. It was now 4 days since the last time I’d been touched, and depression was starting to set in. I probably haven’t mentioned this, but returning to a regular sex life has pretty much […]

Feb 172017

I tried to be cool. I tried to be all.. casual.. as John informed me that he’s polyamorous. We talked and decided to deal with the monogamy issue if it became an issue later. I agreed. I mean.. we’d only just started “dating” right? In my mind it made sense, but that hole wasn’t sure about it. (see previous post […]

Feb 152017
The Best Valentines Day

Since Robert, the well has been dry. No prospective dates. No potential sex. My body however is woke up from whatever platonic slumber and wants sex like it’s life support. So when a guy I went out with a couple times.. which never went anywhere but friendship.. messaged me on Valentine’s Day asking if I wanted to “make out tonight”… […]

Aug 302012
When Are We Going To F***?

“So, when are we going to fuck?”

I’d barely said hello to him as he hugged me and whispered this into my ear. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, and I instinctively backed away from him ending the hug. Unsure of what exactly he meant by it, I glanced at his face for some kind of context, if he was drunk, serious, or joking around…

Nov 262011
Addicted: Mildly Unbalanced Girl goes Bat-shit Crazy

Mr. Non-Tech told me in no uncertain terms that we were “just friends”. I didn’t handle it well, but at least I had the smarts to hide it a little. He has no idea the extent of how I feel.

While in many ways it’s great to finally have that sorted out, I still didn’t quite fully realize just how much I felt and how deep I was into it.