Feb 072018
Life has gotten scary.

I haven’t written in a while. Mostly because I’ve not been dating or wanting to date or not even wanting to have sex. A few weeks ago, I realized it was because I was scared. But the scared back then wasn’t the scared I am. See since last June, I’ve had an ex that harasses me and stalks me. The […]

Jul 292017
And a fun time was had by all... until daylight came.

So tonight was interesting. Tonight I got into a long conversation with a woman (lesbian) who I have a platonic crush on. It was a good long conversation. Which oddly enough my favorite eye candy, Blake – heart throb/would kill if we dated – later joined in and agreed that I am SHIT at picking out men. Because I am. […]

Dec 142010
Luckily I got drunk, or I got Drunk & Lucky, you decide.

So after my date with “Barks At Dogs”, I wanted a drink. I’d already planned on going out with Chrissy to a bar, and meeting a bunch of friends, so I headed to the bar. I arrive and it’s drink specials night. $1 wells. Normally when they say $1 wells they mean mixed drinks. If you order a vodka on […]

Aug 022010
My WTF Weekend Adventure

Well this weekend was quite the WTF weekend. For starters, Friday night I went out with some friends. One of which, Getty is completely obsessed with strip clubs, and now is obsessed with being someone’s Fag Hag. She also just got a 666 tatoo, so we’re all a little WTF worried about her. I honestly think she’s gay, she’s just […]

Jul 302010
The Center Of His Attention

Ok.. so I go to this gathering of the geek squad. Well it wasn’t exactly for the geek squad.. I mean it wasn’t for people who work for Best Buy or anything.. cuz I don’t, and honestly most of the people in attendance were way over qualified to be of that kind of geek squad. Evie had invited to me […]

Jul 282010
Dressed Like A Lady

The other night I went to a MadMen dress-up party. I dug out my vintage multiple strand pearl necklace, and my vintage drop pearl earrings. I pulled out my modern but convincingly 60’s style black dress, and my vintage white gloves.

Jul 262010
Letting My Boobage Do The Talking

So the other night.. I was at another networking event. I know it looks like everything I do now is networking. Well you’re right. 1. I need/needed a job… Networking. 2. I’ve been trying to start up a business. Networking. 3. I’ve been trying to learn some new skills for free. Networking. 4. I hate dating, and meat-markets.. so Networking. […]

Jul 082010
The Hottest Guy Comes With Wheels

So the other night, I go to this networking meeting. Pierce was supposed to be there, but thats not entirely why I went. I do have my own life outside of the urge to stalk him. Plus the fact that he didn’t reply to my DM the other day.. he’s a little bit in the doghouse. Honestly, I’d completely write […]