Dec 142010
Luckily I got drunk, or I got Drunk & Lucky, you decide.

So after my date with “Barks At Dogs”, I wanted a drink. I’d already planned on going out with Chrissy to a bar, and meeting a bunch of friends, so I headed to the bar. I arrive and it’s drink specials night. $1 wells. Normally when they say $1 wells they mean mixed drinks. If you order a vodka on […]

Nov 242010
Very Bad Things, I didn't do

I almost did a very bad thing. Let me explain. My online life since the beginning of time, otherwise known as the 1990’s, has revolved around people who are smarter than me. People who rival genius status, and people who actually are in Mensa or were and dropped out. (Supposedly even high IQ’s are subject to childish temper-tantrums, just watch […]

Oct 042010
From Attractive to Eww in 60 seconds

The other night I was out helping a friend celebrate their birthday. I’m using the term “friend” loosely as I am not that close with this girl, but she’s a great gal and a lot of fun and runs in some of the same circles as me… a circle that I’ve sorely neglected as of late (and by late, I mean I’ve not been out in that circle but maybe once in the last 6 months). So I had some catching up to do.

Aug 022010
My WTF Weekend Adventure

Well this weekend was quite the WTF weekend. For starters, Friday night I went out with some friends. One of which, Getty is completely obsessed with strip clubs, and now is obsessed with being someone’s Fag Hag. She also just got a 666 tatoo, so we’re all a little WTF worried about her. I honestly think she’s gay, she’s just […]

Jul 302010
The Center Of His Attention

Ok.. so I go to this gathering of the geek squad. Well it wasn’t exactly for the geek squad.. I mean it wasn’t for people who work for Best Buy or anything.. cuz I don’t, and honestly most of the people in attendance were way over qualified to be of that kind of geek squad. Evie had invited to me […]

Jul 262010
Letting My Boobage Do The Talking

So the other night.. I was at another networking event. I know it looks like everything I do now is networking. Well you’re right. 1. I need/needed a job… Networking. 2. I’ve been trying to start up a business. Networking. 3. I’ve been trying to learn some new skills for free. Networking. 4. I hate dating, and meat-markets.. so Networking. […]

Jul 202010

(otherwise known as I’m stupid, and should know better) I think I need someone to schedule my life for me. Or at least someone that I’m supposed to call to get me out of doing things. See.. this weekend, Evie talked me into going out with her to something that I really didn’t care to go to, but since I […]