Nov 122019
Once Upon A Time I Met The Most Amazing Man Who Became My Best Friend - and he might actually like me.

I honestly have so much to update. It’s been a long long time since I’ve last posted anything. I was reading through old posts and realized how much I’d already forgotten about.  I’m not even sure where to start.. but I wanted to update about Brian. I last wrote about Brian back in October of 2017, and I wrote about […]

Jul 292017
And a fun time was had by all... until daylight came.

So tonight was interesting. Tonight I got into a long conversation with a woman (lesbian) who I have a platonic crush on. It was a good long conversation. Which oddly enough my favorite eye candy, Blake – heart throb/would kill if we dated – later joined in and agreed that I am SHIT at picking out men. Because I am. […]

Jun 242017
The power of a good dress.

So after accepting Mr TakeMe for who he is, my mind settled and clarity snuck in. I finally felt good. Clear. Motivated. I’m sure there’s other factors that went into it as well as my health plays a part in all this odd emotional brain bullshit too. But feeling clear.. I finally cleaned out my car. I suddenly realized that […]

May 312017
Update & Sex turns Emotional - Save yourself!

It’s been too long since I’ve updated. So here’s the skinny. George has proven to have real communication and understanding issues. I’ve decided it’s best if we don’t communicate as much as possible and probably best if we see each other out.. if we just do an acquaintance greeting and be done.  Seriously. Jose has been dealing with his divorce […]

Feb 172017

I tried to be cool. I tried to be all.. casual.. as John informed me that he’s polyamorous. We talked and decided to deal with the monogamy issue if it became an issue later. I agreed. I mean.. we’d only just started “dating” right? In my mind it made sense, but that hole wasn’t sure about it. (see previous post […]

Feb 152017
The Best Valentines Day

Since Robert, the well has been dry. No prospective dates. No potential sex. My body however is woke up from whatever platonic slumber and wants sex like it’s life support. So when a guy I went out with a couple times.. which never went anywhere but friendship.. messaged me on Valentine’s Day asking if I wanted to “make out tonight”… […]

Aug 302012
When Are We Going To F***?

“So, when are we going to fuck?”

I’d barely said hello to him as he hugged me and whispered this into my ear. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, and I instinctively backed away from him ending the hug. Unsure of what exactly he meant by it, I glanced at his face for some kind of context, if he was drunk, serious, or joking around…

Nov 262011
Addicted: Mildly Unbalanced Girl goes Bat-shit Crazy

Mr. Non-Tech told me in no uncertain terms that we were “just friends”. I didn’t handle it well, but at least I had the smarts to hide it a little. He has no idea the extent of how I feel.

While in many ways it’s great to finally have that sorted out, I still didn’t quite fully realize just how much I felt and how deep I was into it.