Feb 152017
The Best Valentines Day

Since Robert, the well has been dry. No prospective dates. No potential sex. My body however is woke up from whatever platonic slumber and wants sex like it’s life support. So when a guy I went out with a couple times.. which never went anywhere but friendship.. messaged me on Valentine’s Day asking if I wanted to “make out tonight”… […]

Nov 262011
Addicted: Mildly Unbalanced Girl goes Bat-shit Crazy

Mr. Non-Tech told me in no uncertain terms that we were “just friends”. I didn’t handle it well, but at least I had the smarts to hide it a little. He has no idea the extent of how I feel.

While in many ways it’s great to finally have that sorted out, I still didn’t quite fully realize just how much I felt and how deep I was into it.

Nov 102011
Debates, Discussions, and my love-hate relationships with it.

I love a good discussion. I love showing other people my point of view and seeing theirs. Even if I don’t agree with it.   However arguing with a brick wall is not fun, but occasionally it happens.   What really ticks me off is the people who fight unfair or use tactics to derail the conversation.   I had […]

Nov 012011
And that one time.. at crazy camp..

I went on a trip with my family. I didn’t see them much during the trip as I was busy with the other invited guests. I’m really not sure why there invited, but there they were.. distracting me.

One of the guests was Jeff that I’ve been close friends with for ages. The other main guest was a guest of my parents. I really don’t know why they invited him. I’d had an eye-candy crush on Niko forever.

Feb 132011
I need a man who is just as bitchy as me..

The room was filled with hot young men… talented hot young men… but emphasis on young. The music was good, but so loud no one could talk without shouting. It honestly was a party that I would have killed to attend 15 years ago. As it turns out, 15 years is enough time to have grown old, finicky, and a party pooper.

We said goodbye to the host, and went to a bar nearby….