Feb 032019
Meeting the Confusion Brothers

I have a new story. It’s long. There’s tons of backstory. And the future story yet to happen is murky at best. Welcome to the Confusion Brothers!  [They’re not really brothers, just long long term friends] I met Joey (not his real name) at karaoke about a year ago when he was happily married. He’s a flirt but he was […]

Nov 202011
He confuses me. He'd better not be gay.

I’m really confused and not sure what to make of Mr. Non-Tech.  For starters, he’s cute. He listens.. and remembers almost everything.   Maybe this is normal for dating non-tech guys?  Most guys I’ve dated have had a hard time remembering anything. They may remember one or two things but most stuff.. naw.   However, Mr Non-Tech listens like he’s […]

Nov 222010
I'm already Home for the Holidays

My family has decided to have Christmas on Thanksgiving. They did this last year too, as one of my sisters always has family commitments with her husband’s side or her husband’s work. So it’s an all-in-one holiday, and as such, I’m kinda screwed. If I don’t go, I won’t get either holiday with the family.

Jun 092010
The Good Fight

There is nothing like a good fight. Ok… arguement.. discussion.. whatever you want to call it when two people disagree, voice it, and come to a resolution.. hopefully without killing each other or causing undue bodily or emotional/mental harm. I like a good arguement. Not all the time. Not every day. But when the time it is right, the subject […]

Feb 072010

I didn’t mention it the other day… nor did I really mention this to the person who kick-started the whole train of thought which is this post.  Friday night’s conversation about why I have a deep seated loathing for football, opened up some old wounds that I had forgotten. I almost broke into tears while on the phone, and almost […]

Dec 152009

As someone who is relatively newly divorced, I take issue with complaints about “separated” statuses or divorced statuses. Sure sure there are creeps out there, but most of the truly married dudes aren’t going to be using “separated”. Instead they’re going to be using “single” or “divorced”, because it gets more play. I take issue that people speak for God. […]