Feb 032019
Meeting the Confusion Brothers

I have a new story. It’s long. There’s tons of backstory. And the future story yet to happen is murky at best. Welcome to the Confusion Brothers!  [They’re not really brothers, just long long term friends] I met Joey (not his real name) at karaoke about a year ago when he was happily married. He’s a flirt but he was […]

Oct 182015
Little Sparrow

Tonight, as I was listening to the song “Little Sparrow” covered by David Cook, I started to think back on the men I have dated, and in particular a man I was thinking about maybe possibly … but probably not. The lyrics… “All ye maidens fair and tenderNever trust the hearts of menThey will crush you like a sparrowLeaving you […]

Aug 302012
When Are We Going To F***?

“So, when are we going to fuck?”

I’d barely said hello to him as he hugged me and whispered this into my ear. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, and I instinctively backed away from him ending the hug. Unsure of what exactly he meant by it, I glanced at his face for some kind of context, if he was drunk, serious, or joking around…

Aug 222011
Charity and Dating: How do you give back?

It seems now with dating there’s this element of “charity” or philanthropy that is expected. It must be a part of growing up, as when I was dating in my 20’s charitable donations were… well unheard of.. probably mostly due to most of my friends being broke.

Now being out there dating, it seems there’s this part of your dating resume in which you get to show off out awesome you are by donating to Charity A, B, C and oh you can’t forget about D.

Jan 202011
You can't ask me for a blow job...

The following is an old post from 2010. I held off on posting it because I was not in my right mind – as you’ll see by the end of the post – and I wanted to wait until the anger passed to post it. Then I wanted to wait until the guy himself was essentially forgotten from my blog, lest he suffer any backlash from what could simply be my own psychosis altering perceptions…

It was this (plus a few other things) that convinced me to stop dating all together for quite a while last year, and it is this “thing” that rears it’s ugly head every time I do date.

I don’t expect this to make a whole lot of sense to those of you who have not been through sexual abuse, and I believe this is the most personal piece I’ve put up here…

Dec 032010
Watching Friends Take Dangerous Paths

I’m a little sad today. Flattered I guess, but sad. An ex messaged me on OkStupid. I think I may have written about him here. It would have been the first few posts or so on here if he’s mentioned. We originally met via OkStupid when he pursued me like no body’s business. He’s extremely charming and has a way […]