Nov 252011
BDSM Douche-bags and Dumbasses: A Conversation

As some of you .. who really read deep into my blog.. have found out, I have dabbled in BDSM. I however avoid the “lifestyle” almost like the plague as those in the main organizations (BDSM teaching schools) freak me the hell out.. mostly because many of them think there’s a “Step by step” instruction on how to do it. […]

Nov 102011
Debates, Discussions, and my love-hate relationships with it.

I love a good discussion. I love showing other people my point of view and seeing theirs. Even if I don’t agree with it.   However arguing with a brick wall is not fun, but occasionally it happens.   What really ticks me off is the people who fight unfair or use tactics to derail the conversation.   I had […]

Jul 212011
You Don't Have To Be Perfect

I thought about the boy who was at my HS for a couple years who was GORGEOUS.. seriously a very hot boy, very sexy.. but had the worst teeth I’d ever seen. He was a nice guy and other than the teeth, I’d have been on that lickety split. He even had balls enough to come to my parents house, knock on the door, and ask me to a dance. But I just couldn’t imagine kissing him with those teeth. Rot rot everywhere.

Nov 142010
How To Hate People: 101

Step 1: Seek out or find a way in which a person has hurt you. Most times you won’t have to look too hard. Other times you may have to invent rules of conduct that the rest of society doesn’t adhere to.. For example: Anyone who looks like my ex-boyfriend and likes Lord Of The Rings to the point of having the entire DVD set, and quotes the movie is obviously a complete douchebag and deserves to be hated.

Jul 162010
When Men Won't Chase...

I got in a conversation yesterday on Twitter about men chasing women. Now when I think of chasing, I think of CHASING.. He’s after HER. Meaning that he is putting in a whole ton of effort to get HER. Not someone like her, not just someone around him, but her in particular. He’s set his sights and made his decision. […]

Jul 092010
Stop The Muffin-Top Bra!

OH DEAR LORD! I don’t talk much about fashion though I have to say I definitely have some strong opinions on it. The other night I was watching late late night TV.. couldn’t sleep.. and came across a waste of time called “The Wendy Williams Show” which I watched mostly because I was doing other things and not caring a […]