Apr 102019

Doug and I texted over the next few weeks, but he kept setting off my mental/emotional abuse triggers with things that seemed like gaslighting, ridicule, and sometimes just plain meanness. He came back into town a couple weeks later. He didn’t tell me. Supposedly he wanted to surprise me? I ran into them both at karaoke. Doug and I had […]

Feb 032019
Meeting the Confusion Brothers

I have a new story. It’s long. There’s tons of backstory. And the future story yet to happen is murky at best. Welcome to the Confusion Brothers!  [They’re not really brothers, just long long term friends] I met Joey (not his real name) at karaoke about a year ago when he was happily married. He’s a flirt but he was […]

Aug 062018
Dating, Loneliness, and Depression

Shocker.. I’ve started dating again. I wasn’t planning on it, but one day there was a meme going around about how if you don’t ask for what you want you’ll never get it. And another stating that if you don’t grab or go for it now, someone else will take it. So I decided to start saying “Yes”. Yes to […]

Jun 282017
I am the furniture.

When Mr. TakeMe is drunk or been drinking at all, we have a wonderful time. He is loving and sweet and we share amazing moments. When he is sober, I am the furniture. I am the reliable chair or snuggly blanket. Always there. Essential to keeping him comfortable, but nothing more. Last night, Mr. TakeMe actually called me. He usually […]

Apr 052017

Garath has had a long long history of doing some really racey things. He’s very experienced he tells me. And if he could include a few of those things into our sex life, I’d be head over heels. But he doesn’t. I’ve asked several times. Hinted. But he says he gets nothing out of it. There’s a complete lack of […]

Mar 292017
Single Minded - Monogamy might be a hard habit to break.

Yesterday, I had fun and yet didn’t. I met with a guy who wants to be submissive to me. He seems nice enough and on paper we seem to be a nice fit, but he’s Indian with a thick accent and I only understand about half of what he says. But we talked about things and I like the thought […]

Mar 152017
It's all fun and games... until someone opens their mouth.

I had every intention of having sex on this date. His online profile was good. He appeared smart and suitably feminist. His photos looked fuckable. Then I got a cold. My throat feels like I should have my tonsils removed and if I lay down my throat closes shut. Yay me. But he wanted to meet anyway. So I’m all.. […]

Feb 172017

I tried to be cool. I tried to be all.. casual.. as John informed me that he’s polyamorous. We talked and decided to deal with the monogamy issue if it became an issue later. I agreed. I mean.. we’d only just started “dating” right? In my mind it made sense, but that hole wasn’t sure about it. (see previous post […]