Jul 292017

Photo by Ryan Holloway on UnsplashThere is no polite way to say this.

But I have understood the whole “go black never go back thing”….

But I have never personally understood it as well as I do tonight.

Dude has 11 kids and a “woman”…. but as drunk and needy as I was I didn’t care. I mean he was all UP in this SHIT. ALL UP.

So in the parking lot, I removed my pants and let him get at me. And he did.. OMG he did.

Dude eats pussy like it’s nothing.


And I want him… and I mean I WANT HIM.

But it’s not the right time..

But he says afterward.. “To be fair I should show you.. “

And he whips out his dick.


Flaccid the thing is like 10 inches.

He tells me he used to work in gay porn.

I believe him.

OMG… I want that dick. Just once.. Just to try on. Probably will ruin me forever but fuck.. Let me try that shit on.


Ok.. Imma sign off and dream about the JC Cullom (my first love also black) and that dick.

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