Jul 262017

Photo by Ezra Jeffrey on UnsplashWell.. last night was interesting.

I go out for karaoke. Run into Mr TakeMe. He’s in a great mood, and being way too friendly. With me. Until I stopped him.

There were only three chairs at the table he was at, and he called me over. He wanted me to sit on his lap. I refused. (I weigh 3x him and I didn’t want him to have that clear of an idea of how heavy I am)

So he got up offered me the seat, and then sat in my lap.

He made such a show of attention on me, that people were asking him & I if we were together. His friends were asking.

As the bar filled with people, I told him to stop his “claiming me” behavior. He said he wasn’t doing any such thing. I told him that he was too, and to knock it off.  He did.

Until later when he tried to kiss me.

Or later when he tried to kiss me again.

Or later when he came up and put his arms around me.. and tried to kiss me again.

He also gave me a lecture on how he doesn’t do feelings or commitment and how we’re not emotionally involved.. and I interrupt him. Honestly, I can’t listen to this bullshit again. He can shout from the rooftops that he doesn’t have feelings and blah blah blah.. But we both know it’s fucking lies.

I interject: “Hon, I know. I’ve heard it all before. I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth anymore”

He laughs: “Yeah that’s probably best.”

He flirted with other women and men. A recent discovery on my part that he was serious about having another man in the bedroom – and not just for me.

I saw him getting really close with a girl. And I’d say I was jealous, but it wasn’t really that. It was more of a “I need him for sex tonight, he’d better not go home with her.”

So I called him on it later. Asking where she was.

He said, “I’m just trying to make sure I don’t go home alone tonight.”

I replied, “Darling, you’re not going home alone. You know I’m coming home with you if you want.”

He flirted a LOT less with women after that. He did however flirt a lot more with men.

He was insistent on finding a man. He told me that it was because he wanted to suck a cock, but also wanted him to watch Mr. TakeMe fuck me.


Bar closes. He’s nowhere in sight. I go to his house and text him.

He shows up about 10 minutes later, texting people who are offering him sex if he goes to their place, and one that would come over, but only if he was alone.

Then a red car pulls up and a guy comes out. I assume it’s the “you’d better be alone” guy and I head back to my car so he doesn’t see me.

Mr. TakeMe though isn’t letting me get away. He greets the guy and then calls for me to join them as they go into the house.

This guy is NOT into the whole situation. But as Mr. TakeMe does.. he convinces the guy.  But the guy really doesn’t want me involved.

Mr TakeMe really wants me involved.

I however listen to the Guy, because I’m not forcing myself on a gay guy.. especially when I’m not into him and he’s not into me.

I did however watch.

At one point, Mr TakeMe stopped with the guy and came over to fuck me.. and have the guy watch. The guy was having NONE of that, and started to leave.

Instead of letting him… Mr TakeMe left me and went to him.

The guy was very uncomfortable with me all night, and Mr. TakeMe told him “I trust her with my life. I love her.”

They spent the rest of the night playing with each other.  And Mr TakeMe enjoyed it a bit too much for my comfort, and at one point said he wanted me there to see him get his anal virginity taken. (this didn’t actually happen though, the guy was kind enough to tell that Mr TakeMe wouldn’t handle it)

Then Mr TakeMe passed out asleep.

So no sex for me.

The guy helped me get Mr TakeMe into bed, and then he left. I locked the door behind him, and went to snuggle with Mr. TakeMe. He was just awake enough to wrap himself around me like a pretzel and pin me in bed. I wanted him to wake up for sex, but that wasn’t happening. So I waited until he was asleep enough to extract myself.

Tucked him into bed, then went searching for his phone (which is also his alarm clock).  He managed to leave it out in the backyard where he was playing with the guy. It was a wonderful game of “where is that ringing coming from?”

Plugged in his phone on his nightstand. Kissed his forehead and told the sleeping him that I loved him.

Came home and texted him that he owed me great sex.

This morning, he texted me asking why?  So I told him everything. He apologized and agreed that he owed me. (which he doesn’t ever do the next day)

When I told him how I’d taken care of him, he replied, “Thank you love”  (he doesn’t ever use terms of endearment like that with me, especially not when sober)

Nope.. he doesn’t love me at all. Dumbass.

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