Jul 042017

Photo by Nathan Walker on UnsplashSo I woke up late (10pm) last night as usual, and debated on showering vs going back to bed.  So I text Mr. TakeMe and ask if we’re having sex tonight.

Keep in mind, that we’ve agreed that he’s just a fuckboy to me. Just sex. No emotions. Nothing resembling a relationship.

Mr TakeMe replies: “Come to the [name] bar and have drink with me and my friends.”

His friends included his neighbor, his roommate, and another friend.

I really want to meet his roommate because of the stories Mr TakeMe has told me. So I decide to go and see what happens.

But.. Umm.. Wanting to introduce me to his friends.. and all night, told me about everyone he was texting and assuring me that they were just platonic friends.

He’s really not ok with us just being fuck buddies. Really not ok.  And last night was a date. He won’t say it was a date. But he made sure he paid for all my drinks all night.

Tonight, he made it clear that he’s about two steps away from being serious about me.

See when he’s not emotionally involved, he likes his women to date other men. To fuck other men. Even in front of him.

When he’s emotionally involved, he doesn’t share. He wants her to be with him and him only. Only him.

So when I say he’s almost there… he wanted me to flirt with other guys.. tease other guys.. but go home with him. He didn’t want to share. He liked the idea of it, but when the tire met the road, he wanted me all to himself.

He also invited me over (undisclosed date) for a movie and said he’d even cook for me.

So I guess I’m playing this game right. Poor guy isn’t going to know what hit him.

**** Little Moments from the night ****

He wanted me to flirt and go home with him, but I also knew if I did, I’d ruin the few prospects I had (i.e. Dan & another guy) so I made him switch bars. We discuss and I stake claim to two bars where there will be no PDA as long as we’re in this “no feelings” open relationship stuff. These are the two bars where I meet 90% of the men I like.

We get to the next bar, and he’s all cuddles and kisses and staking his territory.

We discuss and argue about what we are or aren’t.. He blames me for not wanting to date. I tell him it’s his fault and he wanted it that way. He has a short memory sometimes. Once he realizes that I want to see him outside of the bedroom (aka dating – he’s so stupid) he invites me over for a movie sometime and he insists on cooking dinner for me.

He pulls me in for a snuggle/hug in the booth we’re in at the late night cafe. He holds me there with my head on his shoulder, then suddenly pushes me away.  “Feelings starting. No.” He says to himself mostly.

We didn’t have our normal sex. It was way different. More than just fucking but not as emotional as it used to be. I could tell he was fighting his feelings. There’s a position, missionary-esque, where we’re facing each other and I raise my arms and cup his head in my hands. It’s very intimate and bonding, and I started to reach for him, but he put on his commanding sexual dominant face and refused to let me touch him. We both knew that he was fighting his feelings, and I played along.

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