Jul 012017

Photo by Lou Levit on UnsplashSo I somehow managed to get drunk AND piss people off, while still having a great night. I’m still confused about it all really.

But let’s start near the beginning.

I woke up at 8pm. (Yes you read that right). To a FB message from George giving me a heads up that he was going out or at least thinking about it. I replied that I was going to find food.

I get ready and can’t figure out where to eat, so I head to the bar to order bar food and drink.

I walk in. Look for George. Wave Hi. but decide to sit near the bartender who last I saw him hit on me sweetly at another bar.

Food comes and so does George. He’s rubbing all over my back, up and down, and giving me a massage.

Alarm bells going off in my head. George and I aren’t back together, and sure as hell not publicly back together.

I say hello and barely chat hoping that he’ll get the hint that he’s coming on way too strong and it’s unwanted.  (Plus the last time we were together he said I act 14.)

He starts texting me from a few feet down the bar about how rude I am. Ignore it and hang out with a friend who just showed up.

Then Panty Dropper (singer) shows up. This guy is hot. Tall, lanky, blonde, blue eyes… and sings with a voice where you swear your panties just flew off, and it takes all your control not to jump his bones.

He comes and sits with us because he knows one of our group. We get to talking, and I gush about how much I love to hear him sing (he’s heard it before).

We all start talking about going to another bar since the one we’re at closes early.

Head to the new bar. I get 3 texts from George about how I think he’s worthless and what a bitch I am. And he blocks me.  (I’m counting this as a WIN! by the way.)

I go order a drink, and chat with Panty Dropper a bit as we try to find the rest of our group, and Mr. TakeMe comes up behind me and caresses my back. SHIT.

I ignore him and he walks away and texts me “You Go Girl”. 

I am freaking out. I know if Mr TakeMe asks me to go home with him that I will, and I don’t want to. I don’t want him there. I wanted to freely flirt.

So I mention it to Panty Dropper and group that I’d like to go somewhere else. Panty Dropper also wants to go somewhere else. We leave.

We get to the next bar. We chat for a bit. He runs off.

So I start texting a friend who used to live near there. Turns out he was across the street. He decides to come over.

Panty Dropper returns. Sits down and we start chatting. We’re talking and laughing, and we exchange phone numbers. Things are looking like they might actually go somewhere.

Enter Brandon. Heads right up to me. Says hello. We hug, cuz that’s what we do.. but now Panty Dropper feels replaced. Cuz. Men.

Panty Dropper leaves.

Brandon sees a friend. Leaves.

I have just enough time to get back to the bar where Mr TakeMe was, and I drive like a bat out of hell.

I reply to his “You Go Girl” with a “Duh”.

He replies: “Hey if that didn’t work out I would love to see you”

I reply: “Like you’ll remember it. How’s Shay?” (the girl he dumped me for)

He tells me she’s no longer in the picture and that she’s a piece of shit. He asks me about Panty Dropper.

I yell at him for dumping me and treating me like furniture. He claims he never thought of me that way.

I call him on it.

He says: “I’m not worth loving. But I’m fun. If you want fun come over if you don’t go home.”

I still want to rage. “When you were sober, I was just the shit on the bottom of your shoe.”

He: “I could also use some food your choice I’m not gonna play this game”

Me: “GAME?”

He: “Not how it was ever.”

Me: “Where you at?” (because I realize he’s not at the bar where I left him)

He: “Heading home. Where are you?”

Me: “With who?”

He: “Alone”

I tell him I left the bar because I didn’t want to be around him. He says he left because he didn’t want to watch me work on my new man. Tells me to not let him stop me from finding someone new.

I tell him that I hate him and that I love him.

He replies: “I’m a piece of shit I get that. Not looking for relationship but lead everyone on. That’s kind of my mo”

He asks if I want to see him. I tell him I need sex so yes.

He asks if I have a friend who wants to join.

I lose my shit. “Like I’m not enough? Thanks.”

He replies: “I did not say that. I like every inch of you. I didn’t say male or female. Forget it on the way home you can come over if you want”

I went over. We had “hate sex”. The kind where you want to fuck the other person up.. or at least I was having hate sex, and I did my best to leave marks. Because with marks, he has to explain it to Shay if he goes back to her.

I inform him that he’s just a fuckboy to me now and that I’ll only use him for sex. Because he doesn’t want feelings. He doesn’t like it but accepts it as punishment.

On my way home, I texted: “I wanted. I did. I’m not sorry if I left bruises.  If you want to date, let me know. I’m not just some last minute fuck toy.”

The next morning I woke to see his reply:

“You did leave bruises. But not enough. Next time I expect you to try harder.  If you want to take out your aggression on me you need to do a better job”

Game On Asshole!

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