Apr 272017

The cloud I was under finally started to lift on Tuesday. And suddenly the world didn’t seem so bad.

George was amazingly being more vocal and talkative in text, which is very much not his normal.

Today though, (Wednesday) George was back to his normal snarky teasing ways. -sigh- But we did manage to meet up and despite some drawbacks with my health.. we had a wonderful night.

He serenaded me tonight with a song that pretty much chanted “I want you in my life”, and despite my original rules of no PDA in the bar we both frequent.. tonight I was tired and needy due to health issues, so PDA happened.  The entire bar now is pretty well aware that we’re dating or at least that we’re more than just friends. And they all seem ok with it.

We went back to his place afterward, and he started up his computer.. and my heart fell. I told myself that if he got on his computer and started playing games while I sat there and watched, and I was done and going home.

I sat on the sofa and asked him to sit next to me. He did (thankfully) and we cuddled and sweet kissed. I really needed it and we’d never really done that before.. even though I really wanted to many times and suggested it before.

After a while, he said he was going to bed. He says things like that. Like when we left the bar, he said he was going home. I had to ask if he wanted me to join him.

I didn’t ask if he wanted me to join him in bed though. Going to his bed from where we were we walked by the door, and if he wanted me to leave he’d have opened the door and escorted me out. He didn’t. He did inspect the door to make sure it was locked, and then lead the way upstairs to his bed.

It felt like ages since we’d been together sexually, and this time, it felt more like making love. It was sweet and sensual, and slow… and not without it’s share of talking and cuddling.

He’s still talking about moving.. to Idaho of all places.. but it seemed a lot further off tonight than the last time he talked about it.

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