Mar 262017

I woke up this morning (Saturday) with no desire to date. I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but I did because I did have a date and decided it was bad form to cancel.

Garath messaged me today asking to see me as soon as he’s well again. (Remember he caught my cold.)

Supposedly someday I’m supposed to get together again with John. *shrug* That is becoming less and less important to me. I still miss him, but I’ll be ok.

And with George in the mix.. I don’t feel like I need to search much further.  Though I don’t know if things will happen with George again or not. I think they will but I don’t know.

Plus I have a date with Mr. Awkward on Monday.  Mr. Awkward though is the only one that isn’t aware that I’m seeing other people and am unlikely to settle down soon.

So anyway, I get ready for my date. The guy’s a guy off of FetLife that has been eagerly messaging me for a couple weeks. He finally decided to go ahead and meet me.

Because I am not feeling well and not really wanting to leave bed.. I’m running late. I message him telling him I’m coming but it’ll be a minute or two. No answer.

I show up. He’s not there.

I wait. He doesn’t show. He doesn’t answer my messages.

My not feeling well + being stood up.. + being upset still that I don’t have a second date with George planned..

I spent the next hour crying like a crazy person.

And I couldn’t stop.

So I messaged George. Basically begged him to join me for dinner. He relented without too much fight.

Dinner was good. Conversation was… well it was George. The conversation is always grumpy old man. I seriously don’t know why I like him. We have NOTHING in common other than karaoke and he’s not the best singer. He’s not the worst, but he’s no Sinatra. (hell I’m not even sure he likes Sinatra)

But the whole time I had to stop myself from trying to hold his hand. WTF? I don’t get it either.

At the end of dinner, I drove him home (he lives almost close enough to me to walk to his place so I picked him up) and he reached over and kissed me. He seemed hesitant to go inside, but also didn’t invite me in. I thought about inviting myself, but I was pretty sure dinner wasn’t setting well.. so not something I really want others to witness.

We kissed again, deeper, and he grabbed my hand and held it. He checks absolutely none of my “dating material” boxes other than his huge heart (which he keeps guarded)… yet his kisses make me swoon every damn time.


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