Feb 192017

John wasn’t being very responsive to texting. Don’t worry I wasn’t peppering him with tons of texts, but texting and waiting. and waiting.

It’d been two days, and I texted him that I missed him. And that he didn’t reply right away..

I knew I needed to find someone else.

So I picked up a guy at a bar. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else no?

I still wanted to see John, but I knew that relying on him to satisfy my sexual appetites on his own was going to be asking too much.

So enter… Jose. Jose is young, nice and friendly and very much wanting to take me home. Such eagerness is always met with apprehension even if I really wanted sex. I made him prove his identity and prove that he was clean. We even stopped for condoms.

I could tell you a lot of boring facts about Jose, but I don’t care about them so I highly doubt you do.

What does matter is that Jose is nicely endowed and very energetic.. and very insistent that I orgasm as many time as humanly possible.

We fucked like rabbits for hours. I kid you not.. HOURS.. From like 3am until 6:30am straight. He was hard the ENTIRE time.. and never came once.

We cuddled a little bit, but my need to have him cum… didn’t allow it.

I did finally give up and just go home.. because I had work to do or I’d have stayed long and fucked more. I’d have camped out at his place until he finally came.

It was a good experience and cured me from wanting sex for 24 hours. (Did I mention that my libido is on overdrive?)

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