May 262010
12" Severed Head w/ Bulging EyesI am having a very superficial day today.  I shouldn’t be because well.. I woke up today, threw on some clothes, ran errands, and look like crap. (I’m leaving for about a week and trying to get the finishing touches on packing) So I don’t personally have a leg to stand on.. or at least not much of one.
I was looking through a “friend’s” pictures. Mostly because I saw her profile picture of her child, and a status reference that her child was a girl.. and thought..
“OMG thats a girl? Oh dear lord poor thing.”
So I went looking for more pictures to clarify that it was a girl. It wasn’t. Instead she was talking about one of her other children. Phew..
But I also got a whole different shock.
The picture on her profile of her child.. Is shockingly ugly.  I thought it was a “fun house” picture and that the child really did not look like that.
No no.. the child really looks like this.. all the time.. in every picture. There has to be something wrong with it, but I don’t know what.
Seriously that baby is ugly. Whoah dawgies ugly.
NEW ALIEN MINI MONSTERThen I got to thinking about being a single mother with a child like that.
The girl herself is hot. I dare say she’s always been hotter than me. She has long glorious hair that I’d kill for, and small girlie bone structure. Her skin is perfect and never needs makeup, and she pictures fantastic. (Unless its done really well, I tend to photograph like a warthog.) Her personality as well is much better than mine.
She fortunately has a very loving husband, father of the child, so this is kinda moot for her… 
But to be honest.. if I was just meeting a guy, and he had a child who looked like that.. I’d just start running. (I can hope all I want that I wouldn’t run, but I tell you every time I see this girl’s pic of her child, I avert my eyes.)
So what would you do… If you were dating someone and their child was .. unsightly..

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