Feb 022010
So.. I should update you on my dating life… or what there is of it.
I’d been toying with the idea of online stalking Mac, and contacting him. I don’t normally (well anymore) contact men first. In the past, its always backfired on me.
But Mac is hot, and we had a really great time talking the other night at the bar.. and I got a little hopeful that he was at least interested as friends.
So, Saturday, I’m reading some blogs and run across @SingleCityGuy’s blog post about contacting men first.. don’t be shy.. kind of advice.
I figure What the hell.  If he’s interested .. great. If he’s not, then I’ll just move on. Easy peasy.
So I hunt down Mac online via the website my group uses. I have a little game of hunting because I only know his first name and I spell it wrong.
I finally locate him and shoot him a short note playfully calling him evil for getting me stuck on an iPhone game he recommended the other night.
He replies almost instantly (within an hour). I’m excited. This is a good sign, right?
Then I start reading his email:
That is funny.  So, I am guessing that you now have my email from me responding to this
At this point my heart hit the floor. I thought he was saying that he was reluctant to give me his email, but did because thats the way the site works if you hit reply. Then I continued reading.
and my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx for texting emergencies or comedy.
All is well with me.  How are things with you?
Wait… he gave me his phone number? Unprompted?
Was now gasping for air and watching the world spin as I tried to make sense of it. This was unprecedented. I had no idea how to proceed.
So I replied saying how I was, and gave him my number.
Two minutes later I get a text message from him
Tag You’re It
I laughed. a lot. loudly.
I texted something humorous back and we began chatting (texting).
At one point the conversation on his end just stopped. In my wonderful way of freaking out.. and it doesn’t help that I honestly think he’s out of my league… I texted him a joke about me being a conversation killer, which read in the right tone (the tone in my head) was paranoid and pathetic.
He’d gone to cook dinner as he had to work that night. (a part time job he hates but took to pass the time)  I felt like a moron, so I waited to reply.
We chatted a little more.
Sunday, no word. I wondered if he’d take initiative. So I didn’t bother messaging him.
Monday.. daylight came and went.. Nothing from him. Great. So I decided to message him and see what happened.
So I texted him a benign “How was your weekend?
He replies right away and we do the “How are you” required chatting. He tells me about things he’s doing unprompted. Sharing bits about himself.
Its then I realize why I’m so comfortable with Mac. He’s open and honest. After years of enduring my ex who was withholding in every area, and even from the beginning made me pry to get anything out of him.. Mac is easy. I’m not left guessing much of anything.. (well except maybe where this is all going, but neither of us has the answer to that yet I don’t think.)
Actually, there’s a story from the last time we’d met that I’d left out accidentally. Getty had asked him about his watch. Its a sexy manly watch. It looks military and since he’s ex-military, it fits him well. He took off his watch casually and handed it to us to look at.  We were examining it and I got the bright idea to try it on.
I turned my back to him slightly so I could hide the fact that I was trying it on. I’m self-conscious about my body in certain aspects, and its been a problem with some men I’ve dated. I am not a weak woman. It actually infuriated my ex that I was for the most part stronger than him (probably he felt emasculated, but I can’t act weak all the time and I shouldn’t have to).  Anyway, so I have big wrists.. I have big hands and fingers too for a girl.. so I wanted to try on his watch to see how much slack was in it.  Aka were his wrists bigger than mine.
There was no slack. It fit perfectly. I was horrified. I tried to get it off, but I couldn’t. The latch wouldn’t budge.
Mac joked “Am I going to get my watch back? Are you two trying to steal my watch?
I tried again for the clasp. Nothing. The watch was stuck. I was sure there was some way to get it off, but I didn’t dare keep his watch any longer to try to figure it out.
So I plopped my wrist enslaved in his watch down on the table before him. I am relatively sure I was beet red, and whimpered defeatedly.
I’m sorry, I can’t get it off.
I barely saw him touch the watch. The clasp released, and he had the watch off in seconds.  I was mortified and felt like an idiot. He was smiling.
So back to our texting. Up until now, all our texting could be “friendly.” I had no idea until last night where he possibly stood on the issue.  I knew he was new to town, so maybe he was just desperate for a friend.
Then he asks: “So what do you do for fun besides play on the iPhone and brush off online stalkers?
The normal stuff. Make fun of fellow bowlers, Try to steal people’s watches.
He laughed, and I replied with a real answer.. listing a bunch of “date” type stuff that I like to do.  Not that it matters, I’m pretty sure Mac could make anything fun.
He replies with “Me? Movies (out and in), hike, work, read, sex, nap, and all of those you said.
… wait.. did I read that right.. he put in sex? Normally alarm bells would be going off in my head that he just wanted a quick lay, but I’m trusting my impression of him that if thats what he wanted.. he could get it anywhere anytime from any random girl. But I’m pretty certain that the fact he put it in the list, is a good sign he wants to be more than friends.
So I reply “Oh I left off the reading and napping and sex. *sigh* Obviously you’re much more in touch with the fun stuff.
Mac – “Ha ha. Your sarcasm is noticed. lol.
Me – “Sarcasm? No no. Really. At least two of those are much more fun than my list.”
Mac – “Reading and Napping?
Me – “Yes exactly. How’d you know? lol
Mac – “Lucky Guess
Me – “:)”
Mac – “I don’t really like sex. Maybe because of all the laughing that takes place.”
Mac – “Lmao
Me – “Lmao. Lots of laughing during sex? That’s either the best sex or the worst sex in the world. Guess it depends if both are laughing or just one.
Mac – “I am impressed that you had a response for that one
I am not easily stumped. I can usually find a witty retort.. online or text anyway… real life interaction I’m much less skilled.. 
We chatted for quite a while longer.. talking about this or that.
But I’m hopeful. Hope is nice. I am hoping though that he’s not just out for some casual sex encounter or F-buddy. Imma gunna get hurt if thats the case.

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