Feb 032010
I am.. Right Now.. on my way to eating an entire Amy’s Organic Vegan Chocolate Cake.
I totally deserve it.
You can argue that with me all you want.. But first, let me tell you about my day.
A week ago, I decided to plan a happy hour event for tonight. I figured it’d be a good time to do something outgoing and fun.
I called around and set up the best deal at a great place with great food at great prices.  I was excited. There wasn’t a whole lot of people RSVP’d to come but enough of the people I cared about that the low numbers didn’t bother me in the least.
I had a laundry list of things that needed done today. Bills paid, checks cashed, groceries, errands to run.  Plus shower and look hot for tonight.
I woke up today at 1pm (3 hours later than I’d planned). Dead tired. Feeling like I was ran over by a truck. 
I check the RSVP’s for the happy hour and check my email .. from bed. Then I head to the bathroom to shower and get ready and sure enough I get my period.
The first days of my period are cramps, cramps and OMG kill me now cramps.
Unfortunately it was way too late to cancel.  If I took pain meds, then I couldn’t drink. A non-drinking host at a happy hour.. yeah thats a good one!  (fortunately for me my cramps weren’t too bad today.. thank God)
So I’m feeling bloated like cow, and putting on my sexiest comfy dress, and head out the door just in time to make the happy hour.  I have to leave for it extra early because its raining in Austin which makes everyone drive like a grandma. (Aka I get nothing done all day) I get drenched on my way to my car.
I get to the establishment and they don’t have the tables reserved like they said they would, so I make them quickly throw a few empty tables together. 
Happy Hour goes well. I’m hanging with friends, chatting, and having fun.  The only spoiler there… I’d talked to Theo (see Women Who Hate Women post) earlier that day and asked him to come so we could catch up.  Unfortunately when he came, there wasn’t a seat near me but shortly the girl next to me left allowing him to scoot one chair over and sit next to me. However, his gf (same girl as in the earlier post) insisted that she take the seat next to me. Theo and I never got to say more than Hi. Bitch.
Other than that everything went splendid. I really had a great time.
Then I come home. I walk in the door and smell something foul.  Really foul. Like rotten food or rancid cabbage.
I go to let the dog out of her kennel to find that she’s had a major accident in it.  Luckily she’s not covered in it, but she stinks. The kennel stinks. The bed she had in it stinks (the cover of it is now in the wash on sanitize cycle). She tried to get out and wore off the fur on the top of her nose, a nice baby pink spot of hairless on her nose.
So I had to clean that up, and the poor poop-stank dog wants hugs and snuggles and forgiven.. but she stinks, and I’m not entirely sure I’ve got the energy to bathe her.
This is not my day. I’m eating cake and going to bed.

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