Jan 282010
I’ve never been good at multitasking, much to my mothers frustration. My mother is the multi-tasker of multi-taskers. Give her 600 things to do at once and she’s happy.
I’m good with one. “One… Singular sensation..” (sorry had to break into song)
I can talk while I cook dinner.. most of the time now anyway..  without burning it. I can walk and chew gum at the same time. I can eat and watch TV.  I can talk on the phone and do pretty much whatever, unless it also accesses my language faculties.
Thats about it for my multi-tasking. Everything else is doing something, then doing something else, then doing something else. Sometimes I forget to finish project A, because I’m already on project G. Actually sometimes I don’t even complete any of the projects.
This is me.
I honestly don’t know how people do it.
I get pulled to go out with friends. I get pulled to go on dates with supposedly hot men. I get pulled into working on projects. I get pulled into chatting online. Every day there is 1006 things going on at any one time.
I can do one.
If I’m really awake and with it, I can pretend to do two.
I’m dropping balls that I don’t even remember dropping, until I get that phone call, email, or text asking me “Hey, what happened to?”
(on second thought, this one-ball wonder might be why I do so well at talking while driving. when my attention is needed for driving, I actually no longer hear what anyone else is saying.. unless of course they’re screaming.. and then thats just distracting.)

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