Jan 172010

There are people that can sleep 4-5-6 hrs, Get up and work all day and be fine. There are people that can go a day without sleep, no problem.

Then there are people like me.

Among other things, I must have at minimum 6-8 hrs of sleep to function like a normal person.

Seriously. (and even then normal is questionable)

Yesterday’s battle with staying awake has left me with some major scars.

My elbow is killing me. I have 6 huge welt/bruises on my legs from running into furniture that hasn’t moved in months (normally I negotiate my apartment with ease).

In other words, I am gracefully sexy when sleep deprived.

And yesterday was mild. I’ve been known to take nose dives into cement and fall down stairways.

One of these days I’m actually going to manage to get on the Darwin awards for accidentally off-ing myself.

Right now though I’m pondering if I should try to “patch” the hole in my wall from yesterday’s attempt to stretch unwittingly too close to it. (elbow actually left a major dent in the wall – thus now it hurts)

My talents astound.

Today, so far it looks like it will be similar to yesterday. After falling dead into bed at 8pm, I woke after 4 hours of dead sleep… awake and refreshed.. ready for the day.. at Midnight.

All endless attempts to go back to sleep. Failed. I think I might have gotten another hour somewhere between 4am-9am. Maybe.

When I finally gave up on getting back to sleep at 10am, I did my normal rolling out of bed only to find myself nearly falling down from dizziness.

Today is really going to be fun. I can just tell.

Tomorrow hopefully, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming of my dating views, foibles, and eccentricities.

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