Jan 272010

Yesterday, I woke up in a relatively good mood. Motivated. I even applied for a job, which of course was more annoying than the job itself.
**rant** Why in the hell does every damn employer have their own website “quiz” you have to answer to apply? Why even have a resume? You end up having to type in every freaking thang from your resume into that quiz anyway. Including supervisors names and numbers.. Which I honestly couldn’t tell you for most of my past jobs because the companies have either gone under or the damn supervisor got laid off too. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get hired by filling out “Random Idiot” as my supervisors name. **/rant**
After taking a nearly an hour to apply for this job, I felt like I’d climbed a mountain.
I rewarded myself by making myself a great lunch and watching some TV.. which turned out to be “Grumpy Old Men”.
Love that movie.
By the time the movie was over, I was super chipper and starting to feel like my old self again.  I got ready to run a few errands that I’d been putting off the last couple days, and as I was getting dressed I wondered what was going on that night.
I checked my calendar and sure enough my favorite group (Beer Enthusiasts) had a meeting that night.
Saturday night at my friend’s birthday party, I ran into a couple people from my social circles here in Austin. They both scolded me for not being more social, and asked where in the world I’ve been hiding.  Neither of these two are people I ran into often, but more like people that I saw maybe once every 2 months, so for them to notice I’m missing is a pretty big deal. I hadn’t realized just how anti-social I’d gotten.
So when I saw that I could make the Beer meeting, I jumped at it. I figured it was probably time to come out of hiding, and since I was in a decent mood.. all the more reason.
I arrive. I run into Evie and her man outside smoking. I say Hi then run inside to see who all else is in attendance. I see a bunch of people I don’t know, and a few that I do.
Then suddenly from across the group seated at the table furthest from where I was, I see a good-looking man exclaim “Hi”.  I waved “Hello” back since there weren’t any seats near him, and started for the nearest available seat, when I noticed next to him was Getty who then shouted and waved.
Rather than shout over everyone, (and because the guy was hot) I made my way over to that side of the table to say hello and catch up.
I knew that I’d seen the good-looking man before, but couldn’t place him right away. Once I got closer though I realized that it was Mac (previously mentioned in “Just Some Time For Fun” and “Where Does The Time Go?“). It really had been a long time no see.
So when I got over to them, I positioned myself between the two of them and asked Getty how she’d been. I was dying to talk to Mac, but I knew I had to put in some time with Getty. Getty was on a non-stop roll of chatter, and kept trying to get me to pull up a chair to sit between them.
I really did not want to spend the entire night stuck next to Getty. She likes to monopolize conversation. I’d never get to chat with anyone else if I stayed here. At one point though, she said she was insisting I sit there because Mac was hot and she wanted to give me a better chance at him.  So why did she monopolize my conversation for the first 30 minutes? Dunno.
Mac however heard us talking about chairs and that I was going to go sit across the way where there were available chairs. I was arguing with Getty saying that I could just go sit over there. No biggie. Getty however kept asking everyone around if we could snag their chairs, to which they said no. Getty would not let it go.
So Mac got up, walked across the room, picked up one of the free chairs from the other side of the way, and carried it back over for me to sit on.  I of course told him it was completely unnecessary, but thanked him profusely for doing it. (It was totally sweet and hot.)
I’m not entirely sure he did it for me to sit next to him, as much as he may have done it so that I’d be a buffer between him and Getty. Either way, I got to sit next to him.
Luckily for me, there was a girl on the other side of Getty for her to talk to.. which gave me a second of break from Getty.. allowing me to turn away from her and talk to Mac.
Mac and I talked most of the night. Catching up on what we’d been doing since we’d last met. Bitching about the bowling group that we’d met at, and anything else that came across our minds.
I’d actually forgotten how easy it was to be around him. The time passed easily with very few lulls, and relaxed. Conversation just flowed, and we laughed and talked like we’d been friends for quite a while. I was so relaxed that I just let honesty flow from my mouth not caring about his view, and he seemed the same with me.
At one point, Getty caught both of our attention by saying that she’d heard a very cute joke that day.. she insisted that we’d love it.  So she started this joke about a dwarf which was off-color and inappropriate. Neither Mac nor I laughed.
I simply told Getty when she was asking, “Do you get it?” type looks and questions..
“It was pretty offensive. Sorry.” (Marc nodded his agreement out of site of Getty)
Getty tried to explain why she thought it was funny and how she’d not picked up on its offensiveness, though she supposed it would be offensive to actual people of dwarfism. I’m not sure exactly how the conversation went, but somehow this comment from me made sense..
“I don’t really know any real life dwarves. W’s the closest I’ve ever met, but I still found it offensive.”  (W is not a dwarf, she’s just freaking short. like 4’10? she might even be shorter than that.)
Getty gasped and said I was insulting W.
“I’m not insulting her. She’s the shortest person I know. She’s fully aware that she’s short. Its not news.” (The girl is the shortest person in our circle. Obviously shortest.)
Mac then pointed out a rather attractive blonde girl about 5 ft away at the end of the table.
“Doesn’t she look like Katherine Heigel?”
“Umm sure, maybe if you add 50 lbs to Katherine Heigel.”  Like I said I was relaxed around him. As the words came out of my mouth, I realized how catty it sounded. But there was no taking them back. I didn’t really mean them catty, but honestly this girl looked exactly like Katherine Heigel after eating an entire Thanksgiving dinner by herself.
A few minutes later after a pause in the conversation, Mac turned to me.
“You’re puzzling.”
“Uh.. what?” (me confused)
“A few minutes ago, you’re deeply offended at a joke about dwarves. But when I point out the blonde, you comment about her weight.”
“I know, but I was just being honest. She’s a beautiful girl. But in comparison to Katherine Heigel.. it was an honest comment. I didn’t mean it catty.”
Really, there wasn’t any defense of myself that I could do without backpedalling into spineless.  I said what I said. I meant it.
He smiled. “I know. You said it very matter of fact. Not catty at all. Still funny.”
“I just speak truth. Deal with it.  Btw, did you notice that her teeth, mouth, and motions are like Heigel’s too? It’s weird.”
We actually pondered taking pictures of the girl and selling them to tabloids as “Katherine Heigel gets fat” pictures. She looked that close.
He kept getting text messages the entire night. One after another after another. I honestly was wondering if he had some jealous girlfriend.  After about the 4th txt, my flirtatiously curious looks started to take on a little less flirt and a little more curious, he told me who was texting.  Supposedly he has a couple friends who are going through a marital rough patch, and they both keep texting him for advice/perspective. It was a very ornate story he told which no one in the world would make up because it was so boring and who cares, but it was sweet him being there for them and not taking sides.
As the evening was drawing to a close, he started to show me apps on his iPhone. I have one too, so we were comparing cool things.  A few that he had were really cool, and so I had to download them.
We were then interrupted by some chick. I don’t know who she was. She did not introduce herself to me, and instead only talked to Mac. They did not seem to know each other. She seemed to just be wanting to meet the “Hot Guy”.  Slightly jealous from my seat on the other side of him, I calmed when I noticed they did not know each other and Mac was not acting happy about the interruption. He was nice, friendly, but the conversation was short and then he was back talking to me.
Shortly after that, everyone had left, save a few of us. Mac, some guy, and myself. The guy was standing by himself looking a little uncomfortable, and so I called him over to us.  As much as I like Mac, I hate to ignore people and make them feel like an outsider.  The guy came over. His name was Mike and thats all I found out before Mac drew me back into finishing our conversation.
Mac and Mike’s tabs came through first. My tab came through as they were signing theirs, so they both took off.
Mac never asked for my number. I assume we’re just friends. Its just nice for the ego though to have the hottest dude in the group commandeer you for conversation.

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