Jan 222010

I am really starting to hate Fridays. I know.. TGIF right?

No no.. not anymore.

See.. there’s this thing called #FF or #FollowFriday or #SpecialFollowFriday on Twitter. Every Friday. Rain or Shine.

Now this should be a lovely thing. Getting to tell people who is awesome on Twitter and having people tell you who is awesome on Twitter.

Unfortunately, it causes me a lot of anxiety. While I absolutely LOVE it when people list me as someone to follow. (Yes yes I am awesome! I’m so glad you agree.) I am riddled with anxiety every time Friday comes around.

You see.. Follow Friday.. to me is a lot like Valentines Day when you’re a kid and you have that box in class where people can put valentines in your box saying how they like you… How can you not give a valentine to everyone?

Or like birthday parties when you’re 5. You really only want to invite those few friends you do like, but they want to bring those friends that you don’t really care about.. or you invite everyone you think.. but you forget someone… and it all blows up in your face because someone feels slighted?

I suppose this reveals one of my bigger life long flaws in that I always am looking out for the eggshells and trying my best not to walk on them, but inevitably end up there anyway.

I really should not care and this shouldn’t be this big of a deal. I’ve just been there myself. I know how it feels.

And while I do try my best to give heartfelt #FF’s… please know that if I left you out.. Its not because I don’t like you (unless of course I’ve told you I don’t like you or have otherwise made it clear). I’m just inept and unintentionally insensitive.

Forgive Me, I share by body with a bitch. I do what I can. 🙂

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