Dec 132009

Last week, I was supposed to go out wednesday, but when a friend begged me to go to Speeddating on Thursday, I decided to just go out on Thursday instead. Then Thursday fell through, so when Friday came around I was looking for something to do.

Evie called and wanted a ride to a birthday party. This girl’s birthday party was a “surprise” affair as she’d just posted its occurrence that day on FB on her status. Didn’t email anyone, didn’t actually send out invites, but just posted it on her FB (this evidently is how social things are “done” among this particular section of my circle). Most people missed the status invite, and instead found out about it because one of their mutual friends called them to see if they were going. This is how I learned about it.

I wasn’t even actually a FB friend of this girl. I’ve mentioned her before as someone I wasn’t sure I even liked. I’m still not sure I do. Sure sure she’s nice enough and friendly enough, but she gives me this sense that she’s not so easy to get along with once you know her. Actually, mega-bitch is how I see her under her mask of uber-friendly party girl. She’s friends with most everyone I know, so I went to her birthday party. I also added her on FB later. Superficially she’s great company, but I have absolutely no real desire to get any closer to her.

Anyway, so Evie and I go. We see all our friends. Say Hi.

Don was there. He’s got a new girlfriend. They’re all happy and chummy. She seemed nice enough and she’s pretty. I did my best impression of “I’m just a friend, I totally never had any kind of crush on your boyfriend.” I either performed my part really well, or I can be insulted. She reacted to me like I wasn’t even any kind of competition.

After dinner, the party moved next door to a bar where most of us girl’s got our flirt on with Hottie McSteamy (not my invention) the bartender whose real name is Steve. We instead would yell “Hottie” when we needed him and if another bartender came over to serve us, we’d insist on them going to get “Hottie”. Because yes, the we girls were in an obnoxious mood. Someone had to be the laughing stock of the bar, it might as well be us. 🙂

The girls I was with (I barely know) Melanie and Jasmine? were totally feeding off each other. Next thing I knew they’d dragged some Irish bloke over and made him talk to them. He then dragged his friend, Mr. Perv-Irish-Douchebag over to us. EWW.

There really weren’t many good looking guys in our section of the bar, but we made do with those around us. I kept connecting eyes with this really hot guy who kept walking by. (we were stationed by the bathroom, so maybe he had reason) But nothing ever became of it.

Then Mr. Sexy-Geek walked in with a bunch of friends. I have this thing for a certain kind of look. I never ever manage to date anyone with this look, but I find it really hot. Let me post some celebrity’s with this type of look.

David Krumholtz
Nicolas Wright (his pics from Accidentally on Purpose)
Zachary Levi (actually if you look at Levi’s main photo.. omg melt)
Joshua Gomez

Ok.. so I was from afar drooling over this guy who looked like a combo between Zachary Levi and David Krumholtz. I didn’t approach the guy because he was with a mixed group of girls and guys, and I’m not really an approacher anyway. I can be, but I usually just don’t.

Then this other girl from our group came up and started complaining that there weren’t any good looking men around. I told her there were a few, and pointed out that I thought this guy was hot. Of course with the caveat that I happen to like geeky looking guys. She sees him and her eyes pop. She agrees that he’s hot, and then drags me over there by my arm and whispers something in his ear. I have NO idea what she said.

She then hands his hand to me, and I shake his hand yelling my name into his year as he yells his into mine. We chit chat for a little bit. Basically he’s works in computer software (duh) and is from Brazil. He does not look latino, but hey sure ok. He has a very heavy accent which was hard to understand.

After my ex, I am no longer interested in dating anyone from a foreign country. If all their family is here, maybe, but there’s going to be some major cultural differences which I am not ready to sign up for again.. any day soon.

So other than taking him home that night and banging him silly, I wasn’t interested and I could see he wasn’t either. But the girl that dragged me over there, insisted I stay despite that she was hitting on a married man. Yes he even said he was married and his wife was somewhere in the bar. This girl was never going to be high on my list of people to hang out with again.

So I went over to Evie and talked to her and her boyfriend. Jasmine mentioned that they were sickeningly cute, and they were. I told them they were making me sick (in a joking manner mind you), and her boyfriend said he had a friend to fix me up with, and promised to fix Jasmine up with someone as well. Ok, you couples.. Thats exactly how you treat your single friends when they’re ready to puke from your cuteness. You appease them with possible sex with someone potentially fantastic, even if it never comes to pass.

Anyway, he left for a few minutes and Evie started talking to Jasmine about how she had this ex that Jasmine just had to meet. He was into (list of kinks here) and would be….

I interrupted her right there. “Oh my god, Evie you’ve been holding out on me?”

Evie turned completely white. She didn’t realize I was overhearing it all for one, and secondly by her reaction she obviously did not think I was into anything like that at all. She even flat out said to my face that I wasn’t into it.

I laughed my ass off. Evidently I’ve perfected the prudish look to the general public. Yeah baby.

She went on to defend herself by saying that this guy was way into it, and liked to do all this, and that, and whatnot. I of course am asking detailed questions that only those into those things know the answers to. Evie is back-peddling so hard that I’m surprised she didn’t have a panic attack. I honestly don’t know if she was panicked that her boyfriend would find out about this ex (we were sworn to never tell him about that conversation), or if she was shocked that I was kinky at all, or if I’d called her bluff and there really was no ex into that stuff.

Jasmine of course was all about being my best friend after that. Dirty minds think alike of course. (I of course had to tell this story to my friends who know that side of me, and they laughed heartily. They all know full well how dirty my mind works.)

All in all it was a good night. No new guys, but I got several girls numbers which is extremely odd to me.

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