Nov 082009
Last week was so busy that I have done nothing but neglect everything, including this blog. It may not look like it since I did manage to post some stories, but they were old stories written while I was making new stories. Seriously.
I honestly don’t know if this week is going to be much better, but we’ll see. I’ve made promises to write some articles for other sites which will take up some of my free time, and I still need to fix my resume so I can find a real paying job someday soon. Where does all the time go?
Oh.. I know..
Tuesday night I hosted a happy hour for a group I co-organize. It ended up being me and 5 guys. 2 of which are old acquaintances, aka friends, and I know they’re not into me and I know them too well to be into them. 1 is my co-organizer and a little aged for me (or at least he looks like he is). 1 looked like he’d not showered or combed his hair in weeks. 1 talked about how he might not make it to our saturday event if the girl he likes will agree to go out with him. So.. boiled down to me hanging out with my adopted brothers. Fun, but not that fun.
I did get hit on though by a random guy at the place. He was a good 3 inches shorter than me, and weighted maybe a buck twenty. When I feel like I can twirl them over my head like a baton, I just can’t pretend to be interested.
Wed night, I had a lame date. He was nice enough and we got along well enough. He was tall and not horrid looking. He was a red head though.. something I can overlook if he’s awesome.. but if he’s not then well..
The date started well enough despite both of us being late due to being stuck in traffic. We talked and chatted and blah blah blah. Then the check came. I did my normal hunting in my purse for my credit card. He said nothing. We’d not discussed who pays prior to the date so I figured.. ok we just met.. ok.. dutch I’ll give him a shot, but I’m not impressed.
He was paying by card as well, when the waiter came.. the waiter asked if we were splitting it, and my date pointed out to the waiter exactly what I’d had and what he’d had and wanted it split like that. Whoah doggies. Seriously splitting it on a DATE to the penny? Wow. I knew right then we wouldn’t last long.
Then he talked me into going for a drink. I thought a beer at that moment sounded pretty good so we went across the street to a bar. We each ordered a beer. When we went to pay, he didn’t even buy my beer nor offer to. Even my guy friends (that I know for a fact do not find me attractive or want to sleep with me ever) aren’t this stingy.
Done baby.. totally done. When I got home I had an email from him asking me out again. Two days later, another email asking me to go with him to a hockey game. Um no.. but thanks.
Thursday was bowling night. It was boring. Again the organizer put all the guys except him on another team, only this time I was on his team. Marc was there thankfully so I had someone to talk to. Oh sure there were girls there, and I talked to a few of them, but… well mostly I was disappointed because it wasn’t like it was last time. There were way too many people on each team (6) crammed into two lanes and very little room to move about (claustrophobic). So not only was the bowling slow going but once you got up your seat was taken and there was very little room to move around. Only Mac, I, and a girl on Mac’s team were even attempting to be competitive with the bowling the rest used the bowling as an excuse to sit and chat. I go cuz I like to bowl (well to meet people too but mostly bowl). I can just sit around and chat anywhere. So I’m not sure if I’ll go back in two weeks.
Friday night was the Blanton Art Museum event I hosted for my group. After such a long week, I was tired and cranky. Tired and Cranky usually leads to quickly bored. I did my best impression of “I am happy to be here” and pulled it off rather convincingly I do say.
Saturday was Wurstfest, which I promised to co-host for the group months ago. Basically a celebration of Beer and Sausage. It was fun but I am now way way too tired. I may tell more once I regain some energy.
Ok.. now I’m all caught up. This next week hopefully will be easy and relaxed with nothing to do and no where to go. I totally feel like hermitting.

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