Sep 012009

Ok.. I knew there was something I was forgetting yesterday when I was posting updates..

Do you remember Mr One-Arm Hug date that I went on last week? The one I was waiting on an email and was certain it was pretty much a failure?

He emailed me on Friday. He stated that he had a good time and

“Maybe we could get together again sometime.”

Which I took as, the equivalent of letting me down easy. And being in a bitchy mood about his two-day wait to email me, I decided to wait to email him back. I finally emailed him last night (nearly a 3-day wait).

He happened to be online when I emailed him, and he emailed me back straight away asking if I had a hot tub at my place, and that he’d really like to get together again, grab a drink and soak with me.

Alarm bells are going off in my head. Am I just a pessimist? Maybe I am, but I’m getting the impression that he just wants sex. Maybe I’m wrong. I suppose I should take it as a good sign that he at least wants to see me in less clothes and a more intimate setting.

I’m heading to California to visit some friends for a week, so I wrote him back saying that no I don’t have a hot tub and that I’m going to be out of town for a while and maybe we can get together once I get back.

He switched to IM. He really wants to get together soon, and asked the date of my return. Once I told him, he wanted to get together as soon as I got back. Which I’d take as a very damn good sign, if I could get the thoughts of “all he wants is sex” out of my head.

He was very excited about the possibility of a hot tub, and said, “If I find a hot tub, will you soak with me?”

I thought about it. Thought some more. Then figured.. oh what the hell.. if all he wants is sex its better to find it out now. So I agreed.

He’s currently on a mission to find one. (I’m seriously hoping that he fails. Anyone else think that he just wants sex?).

— On a separate note, my workaholic sex-buddy contacted me and wants to get together. We may or may not get together tonight (depends on his work). Some days I really love being single.

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