Aug 272009

I woke up today depressed. I went on a date yesterday. Initially from his online persona I pretty much figured he wouldn’t be my type. He’s not really, but in many ways he so is.

He has that low masculine voice, that makes you just want to call him up and have phone sex with him right there. Not that I did, I do have self-restraint.

On meeting him, I was dreading the worst. The picture he sent me was of him in sunglasses and a cap, and a headshot.. so I pretty much was walking in blind.

I initially see him from the back. And he’s physically not bad. He has a nice butt. He turns around and his face isn’t “OMG take me now” but nice kind and attractively average. But there’s something wrong and I can’t place it for a few minutes, then it dawns on me that his head is a bit large for his body. Like he should be a good 50 lbs heavier. The thought made me smile, but didn’t really detract anything from him as far as I was concerned.

We sat and talked, and had a few beers. He bragged about his travels, and his poker playing. (I really hate poker, but I’m trying not to be so picky anymore.) He talked and talked and talked.

Occasionally he’d ask me about me. I’d get out about half an answer, and he’d continue on some thought that it’d brought up.

I didn’t really mind. I’d decided that he was attractive enough to sleep with, and his other annoying habits could just be due to him being nervous. He talked so much I assumed that was the cause. So I figured I’d give him another shot.

We talked for 2.5 hours, then we left. He gave me a one arm hug, and swore he was going to email me (kept telling me he was going to email me throughout the 2.5 hour conversation) the info on this pirated TV place he uses. – Oh yeah, we talked geek, so yes by the end of 2.5 hours he was irresistible.

I was pretty sure by the one armed hug that he wasn’t interested, but when I got to my car and saw that it’d been 2.5 hours of talking… I wasn’t so sure.

Nevertheless, the increased certainty that the date was a failure bummed me out and I spent the rest of the night watching Netflix DVD’s and checking my email. Still nothing from him. I’m not really holding my breath.

Is it any wonder that I really hate dating?

But today, I woke up still down.. checked my emails, then went to go see if any of my favorite girls had posted something. They had.

AmazingMelisa posted something of which I have very similar feelings. A lot of men really suck. Dating sucks. Bedbuddies are a dime a dozen, man you’re not the only game in town. (so treat us right, asshole) Sometimes you just feel alone.

TrueHeart posted a very funny video of a badly designed dress. Which was just the laughter I needed. Its hard to be sexy and feel sexy when the designers try to sabotage you at every turn.

Sometimes its just good to see you’re not really alone in all this.

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