Aug 282009

Last night was fun in a torturous “OMG Seriously” kind of way.

To start the evening off right, I’d spent most of the afternoon yesterday goofing off and not prepping for my performance last night. Then when I arrived at the theatre, I started to do my own prep. Since this is a small production, I’m in charge of my own props and prep work. I prepped half of my stuff but totally forgot to prep the rest.

So half way through my first set, I reach for a prop and its not there. I think I covered well.. but holy crap was I freaking out. After that set, I stole the next few minutes of downtime and finished my prep work so the next couple sets would go flawless. Hopefully.

Besides all this, I knew in the audience somewhere was one of the girls I mentioned briefly in my Women Who Hate Women post. I knew in advance that she was coming (I’m privy to her FB still), so I kept watching the audience to see where she was.

In the play, the audience travels from set to set and seating is limited. So we have tour-guides that lead the audience in small groups through the production. Meg turned out to be in the last group of audience.

She knew I was in the production, but she’d come to support my director who was a “friend” of hers. So she should have known which piece to avoid getting close to, if she truly wanted to ignore me.

Instead she sat right in the front row. My piece is semi-interactive, where I get close and personal and ask rhetorical questions of the audience… and she’s in the front row.

I thought OMG how fun, I can pick on her.. I can ask her these pointed questions and single her out.

But through my entire piece, Meg covered her face up to her eyeballs with her program. Any time I tried to make eye contact in her general area, she’d look away to the wall, the ceiling, or the floor. It was seriously insane.

Inside I was seriously laughing at her. Meg is a grown woman of 30, still holding a grudge about something (I have no idea what exactly I actually did btw) from 7-8 months ago. Holding a grudge so tightly, that while she’s made it completely clear we’re not friends, she still cannot make eye contact or acknowledge my presence? What are we in HS? (actually in HS, I never knew any girl to go this far for this long)

After the production, all of us actors are “required” to go out and say Hi to the audience and socialize. We get to change back into our normal clothes for this. So after the show I hurried out to see what would happen next or if she’d scurried out.

Meg was still there, and wooo hoo… she was talking to my director and my Crush which is normally where I head after the show anyway. I don’t know many other people in the cast. So I made a beeline to them. She did her best not to see me. She didn’t say hi or comment on my production. I interjected the conversation to ask my Crush the details on what he’d been talking about as he’d mentioned my favorite bar in town.

It was then her friend (the girl she dragged with her) saw me and embarrassed the crap out of Meg by enthusiastically greeting me. Her friend and I had met briefly once about 9 months ago (through Meg btw) and obviously this girl was not informed to ignore me like all the other mutual friends we’d had. Meg could not escape.

Her friend would not be deterred and when on and on about how much she enjoyed my piece and how well I did, and how watching it she’d gotten so mesmerized that she totally forgot she knew me. She seriously went on very excitedly for about 10 minutes, so much so, that by the end of it.. it would have been very unseemly rude for Meg not to comment as well.

Meg whispered out as if she’d been forced to by torture, “Yeah good job”. To which I was extremely gracious. “Thank you.”

It was too funny.

As I turned my head to talk to my Crush about a new play he’d written, Meg positioned herself to talk to her friend so that her back was then to me. It was an instantaneous move which cut me and her friend from conversing again.

I laughed. Meg and I run in the same circles a lot. We have a lot of mutual friends. We’re going to end up at the same parties, and for her to keep up this type of behavior is so silly that all I can do now is laugh. Its hysterical.

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