Aug 252009

I so needed a night out, and last night I finally got one. I got all gussied up.. well appropriately gussied. With the play I’m doing, I have to have my hair messy so I’ve not been able to do my hair properly for a while now. It was SOOOO good to finally do my hair. I put on a new shirt that I bought without trying it on, put it on and OMG I’m totally in love with it. It was a little tight, but in all the right places.

Ok, so I went out to a Happy Hour with one of the groups I’m in. I knew about half the people who showed up, and there were a few new people. It was great to see people again and catch up.. the best was meeting the new people.

I wasn’t really trying to meet new people, but alas when there was new people showing up (I was near the entrance most of the night talking to some friends) and no one was greeting them… well my empathy takes over and I welcomed them to the group and made the appropriate introductions and found someone for conversation with them.

I absolutely hate going to a new meeting or group and no one greets you. Its absolutely the worst.

So one of the people I greeted was a rather unimpressive looking man. He was attractive, but not someone that you’d see in a crowd and say “he’s hot”. He just looked like your average guy. He stayed and chatted with me for a while, and then went off to get a drink. In my “hostess” way of being, I occasionally glanced his direction to make sure that he did get a drink and found other conversation. He did and had so I relaxed and just did my own thing.

Soon after I found him back at my side and talking to me and giving me his card. He was charming and fun, and we began talking even more. I’d told him that I was moving from beer to vodka as I noticed they carried my favorite. So when he bought his next beer, he bought me a vodka.

As people would drift in and out, he’d talk to them but he’d always come back to me and flirt. It was looking promising the more I knew about him.

Towards the end of the Happy Hour, the group was winding down and we got to meet a couple females that I hadn’t met before. One of them I swear I know from somewhere, we agreed she has to be someone’s doppelganger. She was relatively pretty, but soon found out she had a boyfriend. The other one was from my home state of Nebraska and to be honest acted like she hadn’t been out of that state very long. Mitzi was blonde, and didn’t have too bad of a body but her face was … well.. ugly.

She was nice and friendly with me, and she seemed to like Josh (the guy I’d been flirting with), but she’d been hanging all over a younger man more her age the entire night so I wasn’t concerned.

We all decided to move the party over to another bar. As we were finishing drinks some friends came back in, and mentioned another group was at the bar so I stole off for a few minutes to see who all else was there. It was of course the “Athiest” group. Damn it. But one of the guys was hot. He was tall, built.. like he used to be linebacker. He was nice and took my joking for the flirting that it was (I think). Seriously he was a dangerous combo. Good looking, smart, funny – He told me he was a Frisbitarian “when you die, your soul gets trapped on the roof and you can’t get it down”. Unfortunately he was also toting a book he thought was amazing (the author was present) which “proved” that the old testament was fairy tales. Really not a good sign, but man he was hot, so I invited their group to join us at the new location.

I saw that my original group was leaving to the new destination, and I joined them. Josh walked beside me, and we flirted some more. At the new place, I ended up sitting next to Josh, we talked, we flirted, and we held hands under the table. We were both social with the people around us, talking, laughing, but always coming back to each other with a touch or whatever.

The Atheists joined us, and because of the way things were situated, I moved over to their table for a while. Josh ordered food and joined me there. Sat beside me, caressed my knee, occasionally put his hand on my shoulder, and held my hand under the table. I was pretty confident by this time, so when I saw Mitzi starting to hang on him (she did this actually while he was holding my hand btw) I wrote her off.. and he seemed flattered by it but not really interested.

As the night progressed people kept milling around and not keeping to their seats, and the seat next to the hot atheist opened up so I sat down to talk to him. Josh had gotten up from beside me by this point and was talking in among the rest of our original group. So I chatted with the atheist, we flirted a bit. He feigned being offended by my flirty jabs at his atheism, and I jokingly mentioned that I could move to the other side of the room if he was in such discomfort.. He replied

“You’re fine right where you are.”

Which I took as promising. Unfortunately, my alcohol intake had gotten the better of me and I accidently dumped an entire large glass of ice water all down my front. I was mortified. Atheist offered me napkins, but I was way beyond that point. Fortunately my black shorts did not show where they were wet and I was able to mill around without everyone knowing what I’d done. Small blessings.

Atheist left soon after that. It was getting late and quite a few people were leaving. Josh went to the bar to get a new drink, and asked if he could get me anything. I told him a “Framboise”. He repeated it and went to the bar. He was gone a long time, so I went to see what the hold up was. He was flirting with the waitstaff and bartender. He was quite inebriated by this point, but he saw me and put his arm around me. He however had not ordered me a drink, and since I knew I really didn’t need one I didn’t remind him. There was a moment where we easily could have kissed, our faces were close, but he didn’t kiss me, and I am not really into being that brazen unless I’m looking for a one night stand… which I’m not. Had he kissed me, I’d have returned it, but he did not.

Then came the dividing up the bill. A friend of mine was making it a complete pain in the ass. Most of us had cards, and since when they run your card there’s always the “tip line” I like to make sure the total is covered, then people can tip as they deem appropriate. Tipping for me is an extremely private thing. Its between me and the waitstaff, and is a symbol of my appreciation or not of their job performance. But he wanted to make sure she had a huge tip and wanted all of us with cards to verbally “promise” him that she’d get a huge tip on our cards. I think he was drunk himself, because simple math was way beyond him and yet until he understood it he wouldn’t allow me to turn the money over to the waitress. This took forever.

When all was said and done and we finally could leave, I didn’t see Josh anywhere. I figured he’d run to the toilet or something and would catch up.

But as we were walking out, I saw him a few paces ahead with Mitzi. They were walking fast. My friend and his date were planning on going to another place for music, and shouted to Josh & Mitzi an invitation. Josh turned around, and me being behind my friend and his date (so they wouldn’t see me), I flipped him off.

I told my friend and his date I was tired and said my good byes. Josh and Mitzi scurried down the street as fast as possible and were soon out of site.

I went home. I think.. I may have just dodged a bullet.

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