Aug 052009

I really had a great night last night. Surprisingly, Evie was there as well and she was awesome. Boggle. I think it helped that we were a few people away from each other at the table, so I had my people to talk to and she had hers. It lessened the need for competition.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last night was $2 beers and $2 shots of vodka Happy Hour at a local restaurant. I wasn’t going to go, but when I found out it was $2 vodka of a brand that I actually like, I decided I had to go. I figured if it was a total bust, at least I could get drunk for cheap.

I get there early, but people are already getting started. I sat down near one end of the long table. At the time I sat down there was an equal peppering of males vs females along the table. Within the next 10 minutes as people arrived, my end of the table was completely guys (+me) and the other end of the table was mostly women (+ a guy). If I could have planned it out myself, it could not have been better.

Now before you start to jump to conclusions, I was really not interested in any of these guys except maybe one, and I’m not even sure about that. But as I’ve stated in previous posts, I love the friendship of men. I even love the conversations of men.

Conversing with men is always educational, unless they’re morons which these men were not. Every one of these men were relatively successful business men of various fields of business. To be completely honest, they were all quite a catch. I learned about golfing, golf fees, where to golf, why to golf, how to enjoy golf, and how to make loads of cash golfing. I also learned that nearly every heterosexual male loves the UFC, and that NASCAR might actually be palatable if seen in person while drinking loads of beer (for me it would be comparable to going to a sporting event that I could care less about, as long as I’m plied with alcohol I can join in the fun unabated).

While the conversation never really got into anything severely interesting, I found myself entertained quite well by finding out tidbits about them.

Mr. India’s third language is English. He loves golf, and buying girls drinks. He bought be a double shot of vodka after I’d already had 3. I’m pretty certain he was trying to get me drunk. When I first met him a couple weeks ago, I thought he was kinda creepy and I wasn’t sure what to make of him. That could have been partly due to the fact that he has a habit of looking at me like I’m a steak.

Mr. India turned out to be quite fun though, and I’ve decided that if I ever take up golf, I’ll be golfing his way. Mr. India’s golfing style is merely this. Get a bunch of friends together on an empty course, have lots of drinks, and play golfing drinking games. He does this once a year with some friends and when the games were described he mentioned “Yeah we don’t usually remember finishing all the holes, and sometimes we don’t”. He however does like to bet money on his golf game, which I’d have to win the lottery or get really good at golf before I tried that.

Next to him was Kevin, a friend who I’m starting to really love inviting to things as he always brings a friend who is sexier than he is. This time he brought his friend Charles who sat next to me. Charles was the only one at the table that I even thought about dating. He was charming and geeky and knowledgeable. I learned a lot of secrets about Twitter last night which I won’t be sharing here. I swear I don’t know why, but talking tech geek really fuels my fire.

On the other side of me was Derk. Derk was the first guy Evie stole from me (mentioned in my Women Who Hate Women post). We talked and joked and got long well as usual. People were handing out cards, and crossing out numbers they didn’t use any more or didn’t want people to use, so I got out my faux cards. Since I don’t have a job and haven’t for years, I got tired of not having an easy way of giving out my contact information. So I made up some cards that would be safe to hand out to pretty much anyone. It has my first name only, my phone number, my email, and my Myspace (which only has my first name anyway).

When I showed Derk the card, and explained that I just had some personal cards made with only the contact info I wanted people to have, he ooo’d over it and specifically asked if he could have one. WTF?? I’m not sure I want to know why he wants my contact info, but I gave him one. Pretty sure if he calls, all I’m going to ask him about is his ex (Evie says he’s not over her yet), his dogs, and Evie. He’s a little late on the “asking for my number” bit.

Mr. India also asked for a card, but sadly Charles did not. Charles did say he’d see me on Friday night, the next outing of the group, so maybe we’ll see.

(PS.. I think I’ll try to forgive Evie, she spent most of the night talking me up to Mr. India who sat beside her.)

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