Nov 222010

I’m trying to make peace with my decision not to go home this year for the holidays. If I hurry, I could still go, but it’s a 13-16 hour drive one way and I’m pretty much broke. However I do have the time, which won’t always be the case.

My family has decided to have Christmas on Thanksgiving. They did this last year too, as one of my sisters always has family commitments with her husband’s side or her husband’s work. So it’s an all-in-one holiday, and as such, I’m kinda screwed. If I don’t go, I won’t get either holiday with the family.

So I really feel I should go for family time, but I’ve decided not this year. 🙁 Plus I really wish they’d stop doing it at Thanksgiving, it’s the one winter holiday that I can handle being on my own.


Pooping Reindeer?

1. I really can’t afford the extra expenses. It’s challenging enough right now, allocating what resources I have, to pay the bills I know are coming up, aka rent.

2. I have an interview next week that I cannot miss. So should a snow storm happen, should my car break down.. both of which are highly likely since its a holiday and I want to get somewhere.. It’s a chance I’m not sure I’m willing to take.

3. I need to spend this time working on my resume (another redo), and staying motivated.

4. Every visit to my family has always resulted in me being relatively “out for the count” for the next week. I barely function. It’s more of a sleep walk, and I need to be out with my A game.

5. Chicken. I really don’t want to hear all my family’s advice on what I should be doing, and how I should have a real job by now.

6. I have 3 Thanksgiving parties in town to go to, all at different times, perfectly spaced so I can attend them all if I really want. I’ve got friends in town who are also family-less to bum around and celebrate. (Christmas will be a completely different story, as all my friends with be with their family.)

So I’ve decided to stay in town, and wave to my family from afar. Maybe if I win the lottery tomorrow I’ll go. Maybe I’ll do a surprise Christmas tour and visit each of their houses during Christmas. Maybe I’ll wait until the ice melts (family is in Nebraska where polar bears roam, ok I kid.. there are no polar bears, but it is cold.) to journey up there. Maybe..

They’re going to be pissed though. But since I wasn’t consulted at all for this holiday decision making, I’m trying not to feel too overly bad about it. (Actually, I’ve not been consulted since I got divorced.. hmm)