Jun 262010
Nearly Perfect

I just got back from a lovely day. I wasn’t sure it was going to be a lovely day when it started, but luckily God laughs at my plans. I woke this morning after a long struggle to get some kind of sleep so I could go out with some friends today. I managed to get a whole 4 hours, […]

Jun 072010
Going Back In Time

This weekend has been full of nostalgic activities.. its actually been a couple weeks now of nostalgia if you count my trip back to the “homeland”. I relaxed and read a book. I had to think hard to recall the last book I read. I was going to say that it was years ago.. but then I remembered I read […]

Jun 052010
My Silly Little Girl Love

I’m in love. Swooning Love. I’ve been here for a while. It’s not real love. Ok, it might be a start at real love.. you know.. “The first time I saw him, I knew….” blah blah blah.. But basically this is mostly of my own imagination. To be honest, the first time I saw him reading me.. I swooned. I […]

Jun 032010
The Comforts Of A Home

As much as I complain, whine, and pretty much always try to get out of going home (to my parents), there is always something comforting about being there. Yes of course there’s the judgement of family. The making fun of me because I’m the youngest and they can. The not listening to me. The.. well… the overwelming feeling of being […]

Jun 022010
How Far I've Come

Well.. I’m back, kinda. I came back and took a day to rest. The nearly 30 hours of driving takes a toll on me and I really needed the rest. Then I got up the energy today to go do some “work” also known as writing and job searching, only to find that my main computer is dead. I don’t […]

May 262010
OMG Your Baby Is Ugly!

I am having a very superficial day today.  I shouldn’t be because well.. I woke up today, threw on some clothes, ran errands, and look like crap. (I’m leaving for about a week and trying to get the finishing touches on packing) So I don’t personally have a leg to stand on.. or at least not much of one. I […]

May 172010
Love Your Neighbor

I swear this is my last post on the subject. I promise. This weekend, I heard many stories about “Community” and how valuable it is, how adorable it is, and how much its cherished. I too agree. Community is a wonderful thing, and something I also experienced here among the Dating Bloggers until last Friday when suddenly I was kicked […]

May 092010
A Good Sport

So the other night, I’m out at a hockey game. My first ever hockey game either on TV or live. If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ve been privy to my hatred of nearly all sports. A deep seated hatred based in lots of years of being tortured with it, and being second choice to it.  (Dear men, if […]

Apr 202010

So I went out last night. It was a friend’s birthday party, Crissy, and so it was an obligation as well as I needed to get out. I’d love to pretend for you all that I’ve not written because I’ve been extremely busy dating and going out and meeting people, but that would be lies.  Instead, I’ve been battling some […]

Mar 202010
Something In The Water

I attended SXSWi last week. It was fun, and tiring, and scary. There is something funky in the water in Austin during SXSW, and it was obvious several people were drinking it. First, I go pick up my badge. I did not go and stand in line the night before, and since I’m not really a morning person, I picked […]