Jul 122010
Purposefully Seeking OCD

I’m going to admit something.. you probably already know, but something I’ve kept hidden from myself. Its how I process, I know this.. I just… well.. its hard to see what you’re hiding from yourself, because… well.. you’re hiding it from yourself. See how that works? I’ve been trying to re-build my life for years, with the most progress happening […]

Jun 092010
The Good Fight

There is nothing like a good fight. Ok… arguement.. discussion.. whatever you want to call it when two people disagree, voice it, and come to a resolution.. hopefully without killing each other or causing undue bodily or emotional/mental harm. I like a good arguement. Not all the time. Not every day. But when the time it is right, the subject […]

Apr 302010

I’d been getting worried about myself the last week or month really. I began wondering if I was turning into some kind of sociopath or something as I couldn’t seem to access my emotions.  I wanted to cry sometimes but couldn’t. Things that should have had me rolling on the floor would merely make me smile or just not phase […]

Mar 122010
I Can Do IT Myself

I’ve reached a point of clarity I think. Or at least I feel like I have a plan, a goal, something to work for.. Mostly, I have hope which has been lacking in the last few weeks, and a very observant man told me that a depressing theme has ran through this blog lately. Hopefully, that is now over. (Everyone […]

Feb 072010

I didn’t mention it the other day… nor did I really mention this to the person who kick-started the whole train of thought which is this post.  Friday night’s conversation about why I have a deep seated loathing for football, opened up some old wounds that I had forgotten. I almost broke into tears while on the phone, and almost […]

Feb 052010

@Moxie In The City‘s blog post today “Take the Lead” reminded me of my new post-divorce philosophy of dating.  One that I keep seeing people say is wrong, but one that I am not about to compromise much on. In short, I want a man who is after me like I’m the last filet mignon in the world. I am […]

Dec 152009

As someone who is relatively newly divorced, I take issue with complaints about “separated” statuses or divorced statuses. Sure sure there are creeps out there, but most of the truly married dudes aren’t going to be using “separated”. Instead they’re going to be using “single” or “divorced”, because it gets more play. I take issue that people speak for God. […]

Dec 022009

Last night started out depressing. Sure sure I set it up last minute because I’d just remembered the day before what day yesterday was. Next year, I’ll plan better. The whole “party” idea started the day before last as I admitted to Evie on the phone that December 1st was the one year anniversary of my “singleness”. She said that […]