Dec 072011
Drama Drama & Drama Magnets

Last week, I decided to un-retire my account on Collarme. I may or may not have mentioned this here. Mostly I did it out of curiosity. You know.. broaden my choices.. but mostly just to see who was still out there.

Then I saw the profile of this guy who for the most part seemed to be what I was looking for.. kinda.. except he has a girlfriend. He’s in an open relationship to so to speak, and is looking for someone on the side…

Nov 252011
BDSM Douche-bags and Dumbasses: A Conversation

As some of you .. who really read deep into my blog.. have found out, I have dabbled in BDSM. I however avoid the “lifestyle” almost like the plague as those in the main organizations (BDSM teaching schools) freak me the hell out.. mostly because many of them think there’s a “Step by step” instruction on how to do it. […]

Aug 222011
Charity and Dating: How do you give back?

It seems now with dating there’s this element of “charity” or philanthropy that is expected. It must be a part of growing up, as when I was dating in my 20’s charitable donations were… well unheard of.. probably mostly due to most of my friends being broke.

Now being out there dating, it seems there’s this part of your dating resume in which you get to show off out awesome you are by donating to Charity A, B, C and oh you can’t forget about D.

Dec 132010
POF dating: Barking up the wrong tree

We met through POF, and had been chatting on and off. (Off, because I was being flaky) I wasn’t really “feeling it” through our online conversations, but I know from previous online to offline ventures that chemistry online doesn’t necessarily mean it will be there offline. Despite my flakiness, he was still actively pursuing me…