Feb 032010

I am.. Right Now.. on my way to eating an entire Amy’s Organic Vegan Chocolate Cake. I totally deserve it. You can argue that with me all you want.. But first, let me tell you about my day. A week ago, I decided to plan a happy hour event for tonight. I figured it’d be a good time to do […]

Dec 172009

Last night I went out to a singles event. It was supposed to be a bunch of singles from my general vicinity and the tall-people singles, so I figured there would be some chance of a tall single man. I get there and I cannot find the group. I walk around feeling like a complete moron because I cannot even […]

Nov 222009

So I go out Friday night. Its dreary. Its been raining. So I put off going out. But I RSVP’d yes.. Plus I can help spread the word about sites where I’m writing, and possibly network for jobs maybe. And it was at the Gingerman (hello self, your favorite bar) So I should go right? I drag myself out. I […]

Nov 182009

Last night I went out to a Happy Hour party hosted by the Partymeister (he’d actually be pissed I think if he knew I called him that). It was held at his favorite bar, which… to be perfectly honest.. isn’t a good bar for mingling. The mingling space they have contains tables that are bolted to the floor and too […]

Oct 192009

After a long week of driving myself insane, Friday night I needed to relax. However, I’d also finally gotten an invite to the Partymeister’s weekly Friday Night Happy Hour. The Partymeister is a 40ish good looking man who is always the life of the party and always knows where all the great parties are. The Partymeister also knows quite a […]

Aug 052009

I really had a great night last night. Surprisingly, Evie was there as well and she was awesome. Boggle. I think it helped that we were a few people away from each other at the table, so I had my people to talk to and she had hers. It lessened the need for competition. I’m getting ahead of myself. Last […]