Feb 112011
Seeking a little genuine contact please...

So, tonight was interesting. I went out to party with some friends, and initially on entering I felt like no one really gave a crap if I was there. Maybe we don’t hang out enough or something. I am quite a bit of a loner a lot of the time, so my judgement on how often you have to see people to be “friends” might be a bit off.

Some of these are people that if they asked for help moving, I’d

Nov 242010
Very Bad Things, I didn't do

I almost did a very bad thing. Let me explain. My online life since the beginning of time, otherwise known as the 1990’s, has revolved around people who are smarter than me. People who rival genius status, and people who actually are in Mensa or were and dropped out. (Supposedly even high IQ’s are subject to childish temper-tantrums, just watch […]

Aug 242010
People Are Funny

As you all know, I got out networking. I go out networking OFTEN. So much so that most of my networking pals are quickly becoming good friends (whether they know.. er like it or not).

The funniest was the other night when I was accosted by one of my favorite married hot men friends. I had barely walked in before he’d pulled me aside and away from everyone.

“What was Jack doing with you the other night?”

Aug 012010
600 Pound Gorilla: Communication Fail

Friday, I lost 600 lbs of stress. I honestly didn’t think I was that stressed out, but I guess you can have a ton of stress and mentally block it out. I met with lawyer for my business stuff, because I wanted to make sure I had everything filed that I needed filed… legally. I didn’t want to wake up […]

Jan 122010

My men friends. I have a ton. I like them. Like most people, I categorize my friends. Some do this consciously, but usually this is an unconscious decision.. aka it just happens. Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t do this.. cuz I know you do. My men friends are categorized in several categories: 1. Brothers – These […]